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CROM to launch unique ad tech ICO in December of 2017

CROM, a rising star in ad tech utilizing blockchain technology, launches ICO


Los Angeles, CA -- CROM, a boon for smart investment as a tracking and settlement clearing house for the $500b/year digital marketing industry, is launching an ICO on December 1st, 2017. Private investors will be welcome to register for a pre-sale starting November 17th, 2017. The CROM token will furnish holders with permanent advantages when using CROMhub, and will be freely tradable.

CROM, backed by veterans of the affiliate marketing and digital marketing industries, has developed CROMhub, the first real-world application of blockchain technology for the performance advertising industry. works together with and alongside existing tracking platforms, making tracked events transparent in the blockchain, and settling payments between advertiser and publisher immediately in most cryptocurrencies.

“Ask any affiliate, website owner, or media buyer in the digital industry, they will all tell you that often they feel like they don't get paid their fair share,” explains Founder Thomas Kothuis. “High-tech tracking platforms are strangely married to old-school invoicing and wire transfer processes. Up to 60 days might pass before a media publisher actually gets his or her payment. CROM aims differently, utilizing blockchain technology where and when it makes sense within crucial parts of the existing industry. Geared for low barriers of adoption, CROMhub offers a unique and greatly needed added value to the industry.”

The founding team has more than a century of hands-on experience in the ad tech marketing space. Mr. Kothuis led the way commercializing ringtones while founding ZED; CROM's CTO, Mr. Rachwal, built the commercial tracking platform; and Mr. Richter, Project Lead, is one of the brains behind the infamous Crazy Frog, delighting (and probably annoying) a global audience of millions.

The team is burnished with top-tier advisors such as Christoph Vilanek, CEO of Freenet AG, Chairman of the Board for Ströer Media, mobilkom-debitel, and Exaring; Lorenzo Green, CEO of iStack Holdings, Founder of Affiliate World Conferences, Co-Founder & CEO of Monetizer, and Co-Founder of Kobi Digital; and Niren Hiro, whose cv includes CrowdStar, AdMob, Yahoo!, CBS Sportsline, and MTV Networks.

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