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Jochen Siepmann Reveals Real Estate Secrets at a FREE Seminar in Singapore

November 21st is a big day to those who are still seeking for the most effective way to achieve financial freedom.


Canada - November 21st is a big day to those who are still seeking for the most effective way to achieve financial freedom. Author, speaker, and coach Jochen Siepmann is opening the doors to his exclusive wealth-creating Property Apprentice System through his FREE upcoming seminar in Singapore.

Making the right decision of what property to invest in is as tough as knowing the difference between financial independence and losing a significant amount of money. Even getting valuable advice and expert training at affordable costs are often difficult to find. The good news is finance industry and investment authority, Jochen Siepmann, is holding a FREE eye-opening seminar on November 21st.

Excitement surrounds his FREE “The Property Apprentice Preview Seminar” as many will learn personally from Jochen Siepmann on how to achieve financial success, even without experience or money.

The seminar will be held at Suntec City Convention Centre - Room 320, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039593.

“Knowing the ins and outs of investment property can help ensure a financially abundant future,” remarked Siepmann about the upcoming event. “The principles are revealed in my book and in my live events. This is hard earned information that has helped me build the life of my dreams and it can help many others in the same way.”

Jochen Siepmann is the author of The Property Apprentice: How to EARN While You LEARN. His financially acclaimed book continues to build momentum and inspiration to professionals of various fields, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Some highlights of his easy to read and proven concepts include the elements to look for in the right investment property; the winning mindsets needed to succeed when investing in property; strategies to boost investment returns; and so much more.

The Property Apprentice Preview Seminar starts at 6:45pm, and the event begins at 7pm.

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Feedback for Jochen Siepmann's work continues to be positive.

John S., from London, recently said, “I'm very happy to have seen Jochen Siepmann speak in Singapore, which inspired me to order and read his book 'The Property Apprentice'. Now I've started investing and I'm already making some breakthroughs. Five stars.”

Jochen Siepmann is available for live appearances, interviews, and article contributions. Journalists, editors, and media professionals are welcome to a special complimentary review copy of his new book, available through Siepmann’s publisher, Black Card Books.

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