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Coolbular Inc. publishing announces the release of Volume 5 in the series of children’s books titled, “The Adventures of Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck“

Announcing the book release of Volume 5 "Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck Uses a Winch" in the series of children’s books titled, “The Adventures of Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck” for the holidays.

Volume 5 is titled Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck Uses a Winch and is available just in time for the holidays. The fifth volume in a series, Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck Uses a Winch tells the story of how Johnny saves the day by suggesting a winch when his father has concerns for safely loading Mini Monster Truck on a trailer.
This is a special kind of book release that has a subsequent goal of reaching out with personalized visits to underprivileged, abused, special needs, and ill children with the ultimate kiddie ride, Mini Monster Truck. Our ride combines a train and a child-sized monster truck for the enjoyment of children while putting smiles on faces both big and small. More than just a typical book reading onsite, our service extends to appearances that allow children to see the truck in person and even ride behind it in train cars during a planned book tour. The ride is funded through book sales and paid appearances while donating free appearances to various charities, hospitals, special children, and fund raising events. The monster truck/train ride also appears in parades whenever there is an opportunity. The author proudly inserts valuable lessons and entertainment into these books and our visits in order to encourage funding of our effort to give back to the less fortunate. The author self-publishes in an effort to keep prices low, and keep revenue and jobs in the US versus outsourced overseas.
The 32 page book contains 37 real life photos that tell the story of a little boy’s adventures with his child sized monster truck go kart. Johnny helps his dad solve a safety problem. Johnny’s solution comes from ideas created while playing with his trucks and learning along with his Cub Scout den. The book uses analogies to introduce new concepts to children including safety and profiling devices that perform two jobs. Mini Monster Truck features a remote controlled winch that children can operate during appearances. Operation takes place from a safe distance under adult supervision. Volume 5, Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck Uses a Winch introduces components that interest young readers including, winching, cables, and hooks while keeping safety in mind. Johnny saves the day with his solution to his father’s dilemma. Audiences will identify with the success proven plot of an adult problem that is introduced and then solved by the heroic efforts of a child.
Four other volumes are currently available in the series “The Adventures of Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck”. Each book cover is a different color for easy identification by a child.
Volume 1 A Monster Truck for Johnny (Ages 3-5) is a great bed time story for parents and grandparents when Johnny’s dram is answered when his dad builds a miniature monster truck go kart. This volume also is a favorite for preschools and libraries as well as a great bed time story for toddlers. The book features seven pages dedicated to helmet safety.
Volume 2 A Monster Truck for Johnny (Ages 6-8) targets first time readers by expanding with more detail and information than Volume 1. The book introduces how to create a flame paint job. The concept of safe riding gear is introduced to protect young riders from injury.
In volume 3, Johnny's Mini Monster Truck Tows a Train Ride, Mini Monster Truck’s train is created to give rides at birthday parties, fairs, and on location for children to enjoy. Mini Monster Truck is sad when Johnny grows up and no longer plays with him. Johnny helps Mini Monster Truck to be around children where he is happy once again. This volume provides the Segway for a book tour with live appearances by our combination monster truck and train ride at schools, libraries, and public and private venues such as shopping malls.
Volume 4 Johnny's Mini Monster Truck Rides on a Trailer appeals to a child’s interest in vehicles and towing while showing a new adventure of being loaded on and riding on a trailer. Johnny helps his dad solve the problem of transporting Mini Monster Truck along with all of the ride cars. Children learn about ramps, hitch concepts, trailer jacks, and how mirrors are used for guidance. The book has a happy ending as Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck travels to exciting events on a towed trailer.
The goal of this book series is to have entertaining stories to read to children while teaching them new concepts such as colors, contrasts, directions (up and down), recycling, helmet safety, mechanical devices, and more. Unique on-site visits to libraries, schools, and public and private events enable the author to share Mini Monster Truck up close and personal with children throughout the United States. Plans include a book signing/reading tour and children’s ride events. Mini Monster Truck’s appearances include merchandise such as t-shirts and foil inputs of tire monster truck tire treads. Future plans include a performance truck along with safety and aesthetic enhancements for the ride trailers. The author is an engineer, inventor, and patent writer. Many exciting features are planned as this theme expands to entertain children the world over.
This book series appeals to a multitude of audiences
• Children ages 2-8
• Parents, grandparents, and adults having children ages 2-8
• Teachers and librarians instructing children of ages 2-8
• Early Readers age 6-8

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