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ShieldApps Software Innovations Deploys the first standalone Webcam and Microphone Blocker for Windows

Following up on the webcam blocking feature’s overwhelming popularity with the recent launch of its Identity Theft Prevention product, ShieldApps quickly responds with a standalone product, available for Windows and Android devices..


Los Angeles, California November 20, 2017 –. ShieldApps Webcam Blocker, ShieldApps’ most recently deployed product, prevents and blocks any attempt to breach a computer’s webcam and microphone – a phenomenon with a worrying growth in popularity among hackers and information-phishing 3rd parties.

The newly added software provides the users with a single click protection option, effectively blocking any access attempt to the webcam and microphone both externally and by locally installed applications.

“The digital black markets and forums on the Dark Web sell access to compromised webcams for as little as $1.

Furthermore, 3rd party advertisers and analytics companies are utilizing security breached apps and advanced technologies to listen-in on users’ activity, gather data – and provide a more user-tailored advertising and experience. Our customers can’t have that, and will settle or nothing less than complete privacy.”- said Moshe Layani, ShieldApps Software Innovations President.

ShieldApps Webcam Blocker is available at:

About ShieldApps

ShieldApps has over ten years of experience in the software development and distribution markets. ShieldApps has established a spotless reputation within the tech industry by not only supplying multiple national and international companies with its products but also by providing countless consumers with top-tier products while maintaining its’ core values and vision at all times.

ShieldApps’ portfolio includes antivirus and antimalware software, ransomware protection software, identity theft protection software, privacy enhancement applications, password management and recovery tools and hard disk maintenance tools.

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