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Artist Paints 1000 Paintings in 2017 to Raise Awareness to Humanitarian Causes

California Artist Meets Challenge Painting 1000 Paintings in 2017 to Raise Awareness to Humanitarian Causes


Newport Beach, California, December 10 2017. Sometime in February of 2017, visual artist GRACE DIVINE decided to challenge herself to do something that she had never done before. She challenged herself to paint 1000 paintings in the year 2017 all to raise awareness to humanitarian causes.

When asked why, she explains that fueled by the hostile and negative environment in the country at the start of 2017, she decided that a focus was needed on real and meaningful stories like finding cures for diseases like cancer and diabetes, raising awareness to depression and suicide, giving a voice to abused animals, and placing a focus on nature and to stave off pollution that is destroying the earth.

With over 100 humanitarian causes covered in her CHALLENGE 2017, she felt that by doing this, she would uplift and create much needed positivity while stressing causes that are real and must be addressed for the benefit of all human kind.

The 1000 paintings and Humanitarian Causes can be viewed in the website Also, some of the art will be shown at Art Events throughout 2018 at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, California. Please contact to find out more.

For more information please call 949-836-6540­ or visit her web site

Contact Info
Grace Divine
P.O. Box 9455
Newport Beach

Phone: 949-836-6540