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TAPCASH INC. Launch The Multi-Terminal Amazon Seller Too: amz4seller

Amz4seller is an all in one tool for Amazon sellers to analyze Amazon business. This tool includes all features that Amazon sellers need. It automatically tracks, analyzes and visualizes all Amazon sales data. Amazon sellers can easily get all the key metrics for their stores and products with it.


Vancouver, BC (PRURGENT) -- Facing the increase of sellers, Amazon seller Central cannot meet all the demands that sellers have. The official platform design is complicated with an unappealing UI and not visualized data report. Therefore, Amazon develops MWS service, which permits third parties safely manage shop data to fulfill the diversification of seller needs.

Amz4seller, as a free multi-terminal shop management tool, is designed for solving the above problems. It consists of shop data analysis, PPC advertising analysis, and many applied operational tools, as well as mobile APP management support. The official website provides product demonstration entrance. Sellers are able to experience all functions of this product in a simulated environment.

Firstly, let’s see the shop data analysis. Among those 6 functions under this section, product traffic trends and sales profit analysis are most featured and practical. Traffic trends can provide product traffic data that Amazon seller central does not support, and can change the monotonous sales number into trend charts to make easier comparisons. Sellers can add memos to key points, such as advertisement, sales promotions, out of stock etc. By analyzing the sales effect of key events, the tool is able to assist operators making right decisions and boosting sales. Sales profit analysis is a major highlight function of amz4seller. This function is a rigid demand, which Amazon seller central does not provide and few other seller tools have. Instead of putting cost and sales data into calculation, this tool is able to automatically generate line charts of sales profit status.

Secondly, PPC advertising analysis can divide into auto group and manual group advertising analysis. Amz4seller can take the ad data from Amazon, auto analyze advertising performance, and intelligently generate keywords lists and optimization suggestions. The tool development team make great efforts on advertising analysis function. They investigate many experienced Amazon sellers, and analyze their experience. Currently, this function is receiving good reviews.

Thirdly, in the applied operational tool, there are cost profit calculator, reverse ASIN look-up, VP reviews analysis, and auto get review etc. This is a plus for amz4seller putting all above functions together,making its product more competitive.

Finally, most seller tools only support PC portal, and rarely set foot in APP field. However, for Amazon sellers, it is an increasing need for monitor their shops whenever and wherever possible. Thus, amz4seller provides both Android and IOS APP, supporting important notice and real-time sale data monitor. Imagine when the seller plan to have a cozy weekend, he/she might still worry about inventory, red flag, and listing hijack. Many reasons make the seller turn on the laptop and check shop status. Now, the only thing the seller need to do is downloading amz4seller APP.

In the future, with the help of data mining and AI development, amz4seller will make its tool as a one-stop seller service platform. Not only show the data directly, but also come up with reasonable suggestions in terms of data. Amz4seller will participate in sellers’ decision making process, and help sellers improve their efficiency.

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