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Queen Alexandra Hospital Implements Improved Patient Care Strategy

PMD Solutions Partners with Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth to improve patient safety through implementation of its continuous Respiratory Rate monitoring device RespiraSense along the patient’s journey in acute care.


Cork, Ireland -- PMD Solutions Partners with Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth to improve patient safety through implementation of its continuous Respiratory Rate monitoring device RespiraSense along the patient’s journey in acute care.

PMD Solutions, an Irish Medical Technology firm, has partnered with Queen Alexandra Hospital (QAH) Portsmouth NHS Trust, to research its medical technology RespiraSenseTM and which will focus on improving patient flow across the NHS. Queen Alexandra Hospital (QAH) will become the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in clinical research implementing PMD’s continuous respiratory rate monitoring device RespiraSense.

RespiraSense is an innovative technology that provides medical staff with an alert regarding abnormal breathing, and which is one of the earliest signs of possible patient deterioration. These conditions include: respiratory compromise, worsening pneumonia, increasing severity of sepsis, and oncoming heart attacks. The benefit of having RespiraSense is that it can support the accuracy of Early Warning Scores, highlighting timely signs of patient deterioration, leading to improved interventions, resulting in better patient outcomes – lower length of stay, fewer preventable ICU admittance, and lower costs of care. RespiraSense has been successfully trialled in the perioperative setting and it is a timely technology that will address the global clinical need.

Professor Anoop Chauhan, Director of Research and Innovation and a leading respiratory consultant at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust said “Respiratory rate is one of the key vital signs which indicate a patient’s condition may be deteriorating. It should be measured for a period of at least one minute and the normal range for adults (aged 20 and above) is 16-20 breaths per minute. However, variations in practice mean that this vital sign can be measured inaccurately, for example it is common practice for healthcare professionals to count breaths over 15 seconds, and multiply the result by 4, leaving room for error.”

Chauhan continued, “The clinical benefit of a comprehensive and continuous respiratory rate monitor such as RespiraSense is that it provides healthcare providers with reassurance of early detection of patient deterioration which, in turn, will enable timely interventions to improve patient outcomes. We are excited to be working with such an innovative and creatively-minded healthcare technology company and hope our partnership will bring about improved patient care and outcomes for all.”

Myles Murray CEO of PMD said “We are delighted to partner with Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth as our Centre of Excellence and clinical research partner for assessing improvements in patient outcomes and delivering improvements to quality of care through the use of continuous Respiratory Rate monitoring.”
RespiraSense has Centres of Excellence across Europe with world leading opinion leaders in the field of vital signs and patient deterioration and clinical trials have seen significant results regarding improving patient care and long-term healthcare economic savings. With the increasing pressures put on healthcare institutions, prevention is critical to addressing both financial savings without compromising patient safety.

Murray continued, “Respiratory rate’s value has been significantly published for the last 10 years, and yet manual counting breaths remains to be the global industry standard. Spontaneous breathing is challenging to measure accurately, however this challenge has become PMDs advantage as a result of its innovative wearable respiratory sensor technology. We look forward to working closely with Professor Anoop Chauhan and the clinical team in Portsmouth to improve patient outcomes.”

PMD’s innovative platform technology is ready to provide clinicians important and timely trending information to help prevent in-hospital adverse events. This technology supports global (Early Warning Score) initiatives while also providing a boost towards the implementation of digital (and paperless) healthcare.
“We look forward with confidence to our ongoing clinical investigations within emergency, perioperative and acute medicine settings. All demonstrating that a positive impact to both outcomes and financial savings is a reality” states Murray.


About PMD Solutions
PMD Solutions is a medical technology company based in Cork, Ireland. PMD has developed RespiraSenseTM which is the world's only continuous, motion-tolerant, RR monitor and is being marketed to hospitals across EMEA and Austrasia. Established in 2011, PMD Solutions continues its mission to become the industry leader in respiratory rate wearable solutions. Since being awarded a €4.26m contract to tackle the incidence of acute respiratory compromise events in Europe, PMD Solutions has also applied its technology to population sleep screening and primary care screening for dysfunctional breathing. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 711269.

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