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Truthavenger launches as the new online PRO-TRUTH platform voice for the voiceless

A new social online networking community “PRO-TRUTH” platform has emerged that is looking to empower anyone looking to defend, declare and prove their innocence for anyone falsely accused of an act or crime, or to expose those whom have victimized them.


Los Angeles CA- TRUTHAVENGER.COM a social enterprise, was created by a group of Southern California online media professionals consisting of web and tech developers, PR media, Photography and production and online marketing experts who have realized that there is a massive need for a platform such as this in the light of today’s growing Truth movement environment of exposing sexual abuse, harassment allegations, and pro-whistleblowers. Their slogan is earn “Your Digital Badge of Honor.”

Companies Goal

Truthavenger spokesperson and show host Charles J. Jones stated, “Truthavenger’s goal is to create a totally independent centralized eco-media (non-censored) network outlet dedicated to one thing and one thing only-The Truth! Whatever your truth is-we have that platform. Truthavenger is a concierge philanthropy of Truth site for the masses.” The site offers a platform, resources, community, a forum, “Positive PR” and soon will implement a crowd funding avenue as well.

Charles stated, “Isn’t it really times up that there has not been a platform like this already for someone to declare their truths and expose the lies and liars?” He says what makes this platform so unique and powerful is the ability to actually post evidence which is crucial in telling your side of the story. “Anyone can say anything they want and all humans lie, but if you have actual proof like I did in my own truth declaration, where I had over 30 documents showing where my ex-wife who is Melissa Gilliland, a self proclaimed public figure, online personality, TV show host and nationally ranked long range shooter, lied to the FBI and to numerous State courts, who was going to believe me without proof and how was I going to get that proof known?”

About Launching

Truthavenger is launching behind the Truth declaration of how Charles alleges and proclaims his ex-wife lied to the FBI which had him classified as an “Int’l flight risk, violent and dangerous” thus eventually landing him in Max and solitary confinement. As he states in his declaration, “Her lies almost cost me my life because I had an attempted ‘Shanking’ by 2 violent inmates while in Max custody. Without her false testimony I would have never been in Max confinement” Charles also posted his results from a polygraph test and asked his ex-wife to do the same with a $15,000 polygraph challenge if she passes for answering 3 questions. The entire declaration is quite astonishing to say the least.

Truthavenger realizes that there are parts of this platform that could be perceived as controversial, a “revenge site” or an avenue for anyone to post fake declarations and has plans on charging a small fee somewhere in the future for posting a Truth Declaration in hopes that it will deter people from posting hateful or false statements. “Anyone can join the community for free to get its resources, connect with others, post comments and so forth, but once it gets popular, the company has expressed the consideration that they may have to charge a small fee eventually for posting the actual Truth declaration, but for now its free” said Charles. “The idea is to post actual evidence such as affidavits, polygraph results, pictures or court documents or whatever you have to back your declaration, a social media post only goes so far. This is the trial I never got to have.”

Positive PR

Part of the sites advantages is that it has partnered with an outside PR company to allow users to “Take control of their online reputation” by paying a fee for someone to professionally write a press release and have it distributed to numerous SEO optimized PR/media sites and bloggers worldwide. In their “Positive PR” page on their site, they say that “The most valuable real estate online…is what is found and represented about you on the very first page of a search engine.”

About Future

Truthavenger is already working on recording a podcast series of interviews from many of the more powerful stories posted from people on and will be adding that to their launch. They are also currently filming a TV pilot where Charles interviews some of the fellow Truthavengers in helping them get their story out. They are looking to land with one of the larger streaming media and video-on demand companies. “Truthavenger has the potential to be a very powerful eco-media type enterprise where there are production and media subsidiaries created. Truthavenger is looking to brand itself as the “Anti-social media too big like silicon valley giants” where we do not censor with only very few exceptions, do not collect private information and have no desire to be pressured into any political bias party.” Charles also states, “If it’s a child molester you want to expose, if it’s a sexual abuser, a new cancer cure, a new holistic medicine, a police brutality, an ex’s malicious lies, whatever Truth you want to declare, Truthavenger is the place.”

For more information about Truthavenger or the declaration of Charles J. Jones, please go to or contact them at

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