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The Triumph of the Man Who Acts

By Edward Earle Purinton October 15, 2020, Triumph Book Press ISBN 978-1735289717


Have you ever read a book that roused you to action?

Ari Berkowitz did. And what he recovered — besides his own voice and courage — was a lost American literary icon.

While The Triumph of the Man Who Acts volume has the power to change lives, the man behind it had the power to transform society. In the early twentieth century Edward Earle Purinton was a household name. his practical, motivational, and inspirational books sold over 10 million copies. Then he vanished, with all but a trace. This long-lost manuscript was rediscovered by once rabbi turned marketing consultant Ari Berkowitz, while struggling through a fog of depression brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. He coincidentally fell upon this book in his search for triumph.

Edward Earle Purinton deserves a place back on the American bookshelf. His messages resonated with the modern reader as they did with millions a century ago. He advised and counseled everyday people and titans of industry during the turbulence of the machine age revolution, a great world war, and a terrible pandemic.

Purinton's advice is simple. Get to know the truest, most sincere version of yourself. Then work every element of yourself to maximum output. You will marvel at all you'll become.

Newly revised and updated for the modern reader, The Triumph of the Man Who Acts is an evergreen guide to creating balance in one’s life, demanding the greatest from yourself, and working diligently at being your best. Purinton explains how to:

• maintain the wellness of your body, heart, mind and soul
• stay motivated and banish procrastination
• meet life's challenges with courage, conviction and action
• live productively, efficiently and happily

Determined to share this forgotten yet remarkable work of wisdom with the world, Berkowitz undertook republishing this manuscript, adding occasional cartoons and illustrations for levity. He did so to reintroduce this work-of-art to the modern world and share its insight with those seeking a greater purpose in life. This burst of sunshine from a bygone era will bring much needed healing and balance to our shaken society.

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