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Indie author Lilypearl Colman releases her second book, The Vow (Oddny Einarsdottir #2)

The Vow: a journey of healing, reconciliation, and self-discovery.


Homer, Alaska, July 2, 2024 — Indie author Lilypearl Colman unveils her latest work, The Vow, the second and final book in the series named after its heroine, Oddny Einarsdottir. It's set to hit Amazon on September 17, 2024. This Viking Age historical fiction novel promises to take readers on a deep dive into wartorn 10th-century Norway, as well as women's lives during the era.

While Book 1, The Sword, deals with Oddny’s enslavement at the hands of a brutal sea king and her subsequent pregnancy and rescue, The Vow details her maturing relationship with her husband Vermundr, the man who freed her. In exchange for her freedom, Oddny had rashly vowed to marry him. Now, years later, she struggles to find contentment in their strained relationship and to accept her bastard son, Brandr. Then, in the midst of the raging civil war around them, a handsome fugitive poet arrives on the scene, changing Oddny's life forever and testing her loyalty to Vermundr to the max.

Oddny Einarsdottir was inspired by the tale of the Irish princess Melkorka in the Laxdæla saga, which is one of the few Icelandic family sagas whose main characters include women. In the same spirit, this series is not about the feuding men, battles, or warrior women typically depicted in Viking fiction. Instead, it focuses on the lives of average women and the challenges they faced, bond or free.

“With The Vow, I wanted to explore the pressures placed on women in a marriage, as well as in society as a whole,” says Lilypearl. “While Norse culture did restrict women's behavior in certain ways, such as banning them from the battlefield, there's also a lot we could learn from them about equality and freedom.”

Lilypearl Colman is the author of The Sword, the first book in the Oddny Einarsdottir, which has been acclaimed by Readers’ Favorite. Her knowledge of Old Norse and Norse history shines through every page of her meticulously detailed work. With her unique voice, gritty realism, and unforgettable characters, she promises to challenge and captivate readers again with The Vow.

To learn more about the book and the series, visit There, you can also find links to the stores that carry The Sword. Don't forget to check out Lilypearl’s Instagram: scaldicmaide.

Self-published by the author under Printwrite Press, The Vow is currently available for pre-order on Amazon as an ebook. It will be released as an ebook and a paperback on Amazon as well as most major book retailers (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.).

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