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Published: 2015-04-17 While studying neuroscience at Princeton University, then Sophomore Brooks Powell discovered a way to prevent hangovers. He invented Thrive+ and it is now sold online and in select retailers.
Published: 2015-04-17 Website is ideal for children and adults as it provides insight into science, space, myths, and play in a fun, interactive way. Perrin hopes her website will inspire mental and physical health and that her books will encourage young scientists and explorers.
Published: 2015-04-17 Small Business Dedicated To Reducing Plastic Use & Disposal
Published: 2015-04-17 After vanishing for a half-century, bed bugs are back with a vengeance. Also known as the "travelers bug," these insects are increasingly being encountered in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, dormitories, shelters, and modes of transportation. Bed bugs are small, brownish, flattened insects that feed solely on the blood of animals.
Published: 2015-04-17 ZON™ Brings Solar Powered Mobile Device Charging and Shade to Golf Digest’s Think Young Play Hard Invitational
Published: 2015-04-16 The new company name more accurately reflects a broader marketplace position in training, engagement, and learning across numerous industries and professional fields.
Published: 2015-04-16 VirtualAirBoss is gaining market acceptance by commercial aviation services who know that operations management is data-intensive, complicated, and essential for compliance, safety and efficiency. One of these visionaries is Roman Molla, President of FlyWorx LLC, an organization in multiple states providing low altitude aerial video and imaging services for Film/TV, Commercial Industrial inspections, and Government agencies.
Published: 2015-04-16 National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) is a national initiative to encourage adults of all ages to plan ahead of a potential health crisis. NHDD encourages patients, family members and loved ones and providers to have these conversations as early as possible and engage in advance care planning.
Published: 2015-04-16 The utilities industry is due for a shake-up as new M2M technology will soon monitor the entire delivery system.
Published: 2015-04-16 TheTalkList and AIESEC in Santarem have signed an agreement that will allow the AIESEC students to take advantage of TheTalkList while also promoting the site to other Brazilian students.
Published: 2015-04-16 Videon's Todd Erdley will deliver a commencement address to Penn State's College of Engineering on May 8, 2015. Erdley's history with Penn State, success as CEO of Videon and support of the local entreprenurial ecosystem make him an ideal speaker to inspire students at their graduation.
Published: 2015-04-16 iClassics Productions S.L, global model in apps, today releases the long awaited iPoe 3 – The Cask of Amontillado, Alone and other Edgar Allan Poe Interactive Stories exclusively for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod). The app book is available in three languages (English, Spanish and French) at a special first-time release price of $3,99.
Published: 2015-04-15 Wichita Laser Vision center introduces new search engine-friendly website to increase overall business.
Published: 2015-04-15 Stillwater Media Group, a renowned SEO company in NYC is attracting seasoned agents with unique opportunity of telecommuting options. The company is known for its effective leadership quality and providing best working experience to its staff. description. Use maximum 3 lines.
Published: 2015-04-15, the international real estate portal and network, today announced that it has translated the platform to several popular languages including Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.
Published: 2015-04-15 ECM Global Measurement Solutions Presents Paper, “Evolutionary Approach to Automation” at Upcoming SA Users Group Conference
Published: 2015-04-15 Hiring a car and going it alone in Iceland is a buzz, but going one step further and touring by super jeep can be a real adventure. You can get to go where other vehicles cannot and with confidence, since super jeeps come with upgraded suspension and big tires.
Published: 2015-04-15 Are parents fed up with apps that send their kids into a button pressing frenzy? Are most apps for preschoolers way too busy and too complicated?
Published: 2015-04-15 Chicago nonprofit Youth Guidance will host its annual gala fundraiser on May 9th to raise an additional $350,000 for school-based interventions for at-risk youth.
Published: 2015-04-15 New Hire Brings Innovative Marketing Strategy to Growing Organic Cold-Pressed Green Juice Company
Published: 2015-04-14 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - April, April 14 2015 - Elegant Mrs. Oklahoma (TAW) 2015 (Elizabeth Reeve) and Mr. Oklahoma (TAW) 2015 (Lawrence Reeve) will be attending the Glad Wags Poker Run.
Published: 2015-04-14 New feature film, 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE - THE NELLIE BLY STORY will have its US festival premiere at The Bentonville Film Festival May 5th, 9 PM, The BFF that celebrates women and diversity in film created by Geena Davis.
Published: 2015-04-14 With April being "National Stress Awareness Month," this story is especially timely and powerful. Stan​ Deland served two ​tours ​as a Marine in Iraq (including an assault through the unbelievably brutal city of Fallujah) and later parlayed his experience as a Marine and need to​ ​move on with his​ life​​ ​to create a homeopathic brand called Siddha Flower Essences to help himself and others relieve stress and experience a much-needed emotional detox.
Published: 2015-04-14 With both vegan and gluten free foods so much in the news these days, here's a brand new product that's actually both! Mac Uncheddar from Pastariso (a division of gluten free pasta leader Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods) offers Mac lovers - and that's just about all of us - a way to enjoy a classic comfort food even if they're following a vegan and/or gluten free diet.
Published: 2015-04-14 As online shoppers look to make their money go further a quick search reveals why alternative marketplaces are helping savvy buyers.
Published: 2015-04-14 Neo Athletics Hosting 3rd Annual Summer Showdown 7v7 Football Tournament At Ocala Regional Sportsplex
Published: 2015-04-14 The Brine National Lacrosse Classic brings the top high school lacrosse players in the nation to one venue, where regional teams will compete for a national recognition in front of NCAA lacrosse coaches.
Published: 2015-04-14 The Cybersmile Foundation is launching a new 'Virtual Hugs' initiative this week to help people facing online abuse and bullying.
Published: 2015-04-13 DFRF Enterprises, LLC and Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho are providing light to tens of thousands of homes throughout the regions of Mali and Guiné-Bissau in West Africa, and you won’t believe how they’re doing it.
Published: 2015-04-13 Deckel Maho and Arviem AG announced today that they have successfully completed the monitoring of the delivery of a XXL machine to US in a first pilot phase.
Published: 2015-04-13 In the face of challenge, Brooklyn’s creative community has always blazed its own path. As such, it’s going to require fierce imagination and boundless energy to tackle a crushing health epidemic like Ebola. We also need a philanthropic community, with a similar mindset, to fuel the fight.
Published: 2015-04-13 More than 10,000 students have traveled to Florence, Italy, since 1975 to immerse themselves in art and culture at Studio Art Centers International, where two Renaissance palaces near the Duomo serve as classrooms, studios and galleries. Studio Art Centers International (SACI) is celebrating its 40th anniversary in April, 2015, as well as the commencement of its first Master of Fine Arts graduates. SACI was founded in 1975 by painter Jules Maidoff who worked with the first group of 14 students in a barn in the hills above Florence for a short summer session that year.
Published: 2015-04-13 Terminally ill young man wants to grant the ultimate Mother’s Day wish
Published: 2015-04-13 Phyx products have been used to create major motion pictures, including Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Published: 2015-04-13 Discover unique Treasures from around the World.
Published: 2015-04-13 Chris Menard, Microsoft Office Master Instructor, will present at the 2015 Administrative Professionals Day Conference on April 24, 2015 hosted by the University of Georgia.
Published: 2015-04-13 Huntsville's premier car dealership is proud to offer customers a great option with more standard features at a better price than the competition. The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is in stock and better than ever.
Published: 2015-04-13 Imagique Salon Suites expands its business. In addition to their Plano location, they have opened Suites in Richardson, TX
Published: 2015-04-13 Peli Peli hosts its Second Annual Charity Classic Golf Tournament on Monday, May 4, at Raveneaux Country Club in Spring, TX. Proceeds from the tournament will benefit ORPHANetwork.
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