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By popular demand, the “next generation convenient store” opens its newest location in the Bay Area


The all-in-one exceptional convenience store and marketplace, Loop Neighborhood, opened a new store in Mountain View, making food options that are better for you handy and accessible yet again in the Bay Area.

Loop set out to disrupt the conventional image of convenient stores that people are used to. It was created out of a desire to redefine one-stop shops. To do this, they had to look at the landscape of convenient stores at the time and determine what was missing. Most stores were really only offering products that targeted the male audience, so Loop was created with females and Millennial customers in mind.

With Loop, stopping for gas no longer means being forced to purchase junk food.
With 28 locations across Northern California, Loop stores feature smoothies, organic fruits, and veggies, sushi, and even a wine boutique. All the while still offering favorite go-to snacks and treats.

“Loop stores take convenience to the next nevel. Our customers don’t have to struggle to find a fresh, better for you options, but know that if they are craving something sweet or salty, they have those options as well,” said CEO, Varish Goyal. “There is something for everyone here. We wanted to create an enjoyable one-stop-shop experience for the customer, so while we still offer the usual snacks, drinks, and beer, we put in the extra effort to make sure if you want a guilt-free snack, you don’t have to go any further than the next aisle over.”

Inside and out, the design of the Loop stores, are very clean and sharp. There is a café with comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi that entices customers to stay awhile. Goyal knew the overall perception of convenience stores needed to change in order to create Loop and redefine the stigma around the concept. It was more than just renovating the stores to make them look pretty; they needed to change the stores from the inside out.

Loop continues to disrupt the convenience store stereotype by offering high quality products for the more discerning, health conscious consumer. The typical categories for the average convenience store are beer, cigarettes and microwaved food. The new location at 790 E El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040 features espresso, frozen yogurt, and free wifi.

For more information on Loop, or to find a location near you, please visit

With over 25 stores across Northern California, Loop redefines the convenience store experience by offering exceptional items, quality customer service and an overall pleasant experience. Partnering with the same suppliers and vendors from popular grocery stores, the goods offered at each store are fresh, healthy and satisfying. Loop Marketplace is proud to support active and healthy lifestyles by carrying organic, natural and gluten-free products. Aside from just fresher products, Loop also offers items more specifically targeted to female and millennial customers such as wine, gift cards and bath salts. Additionally, each location offers seating areas equipped with Wi-Fi to further enhance the experience. For more information, please visit

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