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Angee Launches at CES

Angee launches automated home protection solution that respects your privacy. Angee features a 360° HD motion tracking camera, sound recognition and gets smarter as she learns more about your


LAS VEGAS, NV - January 9th 2017 - Angee Technologies Ltd. today announced the launch of Angee at CES, its smart home security solution that generated over $500K in pre-orders on Kickstarter. The easy to use solution gives your home eyes and ears to take care of security so you don’t have to.

Angee always knows what's happening at home so she can effectively watch out for danger while avoiding false alarms. She learns more about your security needs thanks to a combination of smart hardware and cloud intelligence. Simply put, Angee watches out for your home so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Every household using Angee will connect to the Angee Cloud to have access to feature upgrades and new functionalities, and also have the option to purchase premium cloud services in the future.

“Buying a security solution can be a confusing and frustrating experience,” said Tomas Turek, the CEO and Co-Founder of Angee. “The Angee team is laser focused on the customer experience, and our users want a solution that is easy to use, non-distracting and respects customer privacy. Angee delivers on our commitment to deliver reliable protection without the distractions that often come with it.”

Angee respects your privacy
Most camera systems see (and hear) and store everything, which is unnerving for many users. When armed, Angee is always on alert but video is only sent to the cloud when Angee detects a threat or the user accesses the app to view their live stream.

When users are home, Angee turns and faces the wall, and nothing Angee sees or hears is sent to the cloud unless the user uses voice control. In all cases, the data is encrypted on both ends and only accessible to users.

Focus on continued innovation
Angee’s flexible software architecture and robust hardware are built to last. The powerful combination allows for continued enhancement of customer experience, adding new features, services and product integrations that our customers care about.

Protection from home invasion is only one part of making a home safe. With 83% of US households not using any technology to make their homes safer, and an even higher number in the UK and Europe, the market for home protection is growing exponentially. Future Angee updates will address numerous other threats like fires and glass shattering, falls and water damage, therefore revolutionizing home security.

What’s in the box
Angee Security includes one Angee and one Security Tag, access to the Angee Cloud for free feature upgrades and will retail for $349. Angee Accessory Pack includes two additional Security Tags and will retail for $69.

What’s next
Angee will soon be launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to allow the Angee community to participate in the company’s future growth. Learn more about Seedrs at:

About Angee
Angee created an Automated smart home protection solution to make homes safer by combining smart hardware and cloud services to monitor customer's homes and adapt to their individual needs while minimizing user interactions.

Angee’s investors include Credo Ventures, Consilium and others. The company has corporate office in London UK, Sales & Marketing in Palo Alto, US, R&D in Prague, Czech Republic and Sourcing & Manufacturing in Shenzhen, China.

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