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InstaCode Software releases its latest version of its InstaJS Cloud Rapid Development Platform

Enterprise Digital Transformation Just Became Easier! InstaCode Software releases its latest version of its InstaJS Cloud Rapid Development Platform. With advanced built-in encryption features and no-code simplicity, building enterprise solutions has never been easier!


Hong Kong, January 8, 2018 -- InstaCode Software Limited, a fast emerging Software Development Platform as a Service (PAAS) provider, enters the new year announcing the release of its latest version of the InstaJS Cloud Rapid Development Platform. In this latest version, software development has never been easier. With its unique ‘Block-Build’ approach of building business solutions, to its own development of advanced no-code features, InstaJS is likely the ONLY cloud ‘no-code’ platform where its own features were built on its own platform.

Custom business solutions that used to take months can be done in days as no-code features allow for rapid development of applications with no coding skills. When more complex requirements are encountered, the integrated full-powered, full-code development environment enables a developer with only Typescript/Javascript skills to address all backend or frontend requirements, removing the need for multiple platforms and skillset requirements. Project teams never need to worry about hitting technological obstacles and instead can focus their time on the business solutions.

“Simplicity + Power, that is the goal of our platform, from no-code solution configuration to full-powered advanced features. Often Rapid Development Platforms are associated with only being able to handle simple requirements, with our offering, there are No Limits!” states YC Wong the CTO and Co-Founder of InstaCode Software.

In this latest release, non-technical business users can rapidly assemble business solutions using its enhanced menu form builder. This adds to the already long list of standard features on the cloud platform such as:

• Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
• Database Modeler
• Object Relational Modelling (ORM) – supporting various databases
• Integrated source code version control
• Multiple Environment Control (ie. Development, Test, Production...)
• Code Migration & Rollback
• Automated Unit Testing
• Service Interfacing (Ajax, Restful, GraphQL)
• User Interface (UI) Templates & Themes
• Rich UI Components (integrated Google Polymer)
• Server Runtime Nodes that are horizontally scalable
• Cloud or On-Premise deploy-ability
• Job Scheduling
• Integrated Web Services Builder & Run-Time
• Business Approval Workflow
• Reporting
• Application feature level role & responsibility controlled
• User login authorization with 2-Factor Authentication
• Field Level Data Encryption & data tampering awareness with signature authentication
• Data Row & Column Level Security settings
• User Dashboards
• Content Management
• Multi-language support
• Standard application portals for Mobile & Desktops
• Integrated chat collaboration

Also enhanced, is the already market-leading set of integrated security features. In this release, it is even easier to mark sensitive fields for advanced encryption using an 256bit encryption key that customers themselves control.

“With cloud solutions, trust and security is a key concern, this is why we are so focused on our security features, from integrated 2 Factor Authentication, Field Level Encryption and Data Tampering awareness, we will continue to ensure we remain a leader in ensuring our platform is a leader in this area” added YC Wong.

With a growing customer base and over 4.5 years of dedicated R&D, the InstaJS Cloud Development Platform will alleviate a key pain point of enterprises seeking to adapt to the digital age, namely eliminating the IT complexities that typically accompany such a journey.

The InstaJS Cloud Rapid Development Platform is available through InstaCode Software’s subsidiary companies, InstaJS Solutions Limited and InstaJS FinTech Limited.

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