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Abolish Slavery Coalition to attend Special Screening of Relentless by Senate and House in Pennsylvania

The full-length thriller Relentless will be shown at a private screening for the State Senate, the House of Representatives and other government officials as part of National Anti-Human Trafficking Month and the call for the speedy passage of Senate Bill 554, anti-human trafficking legislation primarily sponsored by Senators Greenleaf (R-12) and Leach (D-17


Sewickley, Pa -- Relentless, a dramatic film inspired by true events, will be viewed at the Capitol by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, the Pennsylvania State Senate, officials from the Capitol, Governor Wolf’s office, and other officials from the Mayor’s office in Harrisburg, Pa. ). Dawn Adams of Abolish Slavery Coalition, Lance Tracy, Director, and David Castro, Male Lead of Relentless will also be in attendance for the special educational Q & A.

WHEN: January 29, 2018 at 5:00 pm

WHERE: The Capitol Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

About the Event

The award-winning full-length feature film Relentless will be shown at a private screening at the Capitol on January 29, 2018. This by-invitation-only event will consist of a press conference, screening, and informative Q & A session conducted by Writer and Director, Lance Tracy, and David Castro, who plays the leading male role.


Holly Drew (Lauren Shaw) owns “Drew’s Brews,” a coffee roaster on the Oregon coast. Since childhood, she has traveled with her father to the farm of their Salvadorian coffee suppliers—they’re like family. Holly’s daughter Ally (16) takes a pre-college course, spending the summer on the farm studying ways they can become more financially and environmentally efficient.
One night, Ally is violently kidnapped from the farm. Holly immediately travels to El Salvador and with the help of an “unconventional” local, Fern (David Castro), she unearths a dark human trafficking ring, linking Central American victims to a U.S. market. While they race across Central America and Mexico via “The Train of Death,” they struggle to get Holly’s daughter back before she vanishes forever. Inspired by true events.

About Dawn Adams, Abolitionist at Abolish Slavery Coalition

Dawn Adams main focus as an abolitionist has been to combat human trafficking in the United States by mentoring and inspiring task forces in Las Vegas, Reno and Chico. Dawn has shown through these contributions that one person truly can make a difference. In Chico, California Dawn successfully established the first “Abolish Slavery” Day via diligent and passionate work with the Mayor and local government. Dawn helped galvanize the police into forming task force meetings, and in doing so, inspired the city into backing its civic leaders and law enforcement community. At the end of the day Chico had a unified voice pursuing human traffickers and saying, “NO” to slavery.

If that wasn’t enough Dawn was also able to escalate Federal support for task forces in Nevada by bringing in the FBI to work with both the Las Vegas and Reno Police Departments.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of the human trafficking cases in the United States involve runaway minors. Dawn has made this particular area the primary emphasis of her human rights activism. The success of her campaigns show that when real people come together in a combined force we can truly can make great strides to abolish slavery.

About Lance Tracy, Director

A Seattle-Native, LA-Based Lance Tracy is a veteran commercial and documentary writer/director. “Relentless” is his first narrative feature.

Often working with NBC/Universal and CBS Interactive, Tracy has helped to brand the Sochi and London Olympics as well as the CBS streaming service, "CBS All Access". He got his start working 5 years as an in-house dramatic films director, making short films such as “The Cross” & “The Prodigal Daughter”. With distribution in 155 countries and 15 languages, he was sensitized to an international audience while earning 12 writing and directing awards. He has directed projects in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cambodia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico City, Belize, Honduras, Moscow, St. Petersburg and the U.S.

About David Castro

Los Angeles-based David Castro has been acting since the early 1980s and has appeared in over 100 film and television projects and 35 stage productions. He is an American actor of German, Irish and El Salvadorian descent.
David is proud to have participated in Relentless, as El Salvador is his mother’s homeland where much of Relentless was filmed. He plays the leading role of Fern, the unconventional bad guy/hero. David’s father was born in Philadelphia, so his Pennsylvania roots go deep and connect us to this significant story.

David is currently preparing to reprise his role as Fern in Special Interest Agent. David has also been named the Director for the upcoming feature film 116 MacDougal, filming in early 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA.

“I greatly look forward to visiting Harrisburg to attend this private screening, days before it is released nationwide. Many thanks to my Publicist, Lynda Schneider and Senator Camera Bartolotta and her office for arranging what will be a memorable cinematic event about human trafficking in today’s world,” says David Castro.

Contact Info
Lynda B Schneider, Publicist
1501 Fox Chase Drive
Sewickley, Pa 15143

Phone: 412-720-4645