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Codiant Hits the Ground of Revitalization by Organizing A Sports Event

Codiant organizes a sports day to push the best employee engagement and revitalization activities forward.


East Moline, IL -- Sports is the conduit to unleash the own version of any human. When the daily run of life gets embroiled with the same set of activities regularly nothing new or unique comes out. The CEO of “Codiant- A Yash Technologies Company” Mr. Vikrant Jain understands this saturated state of mind very well. And in order to break the invisible wall of fatigue, lethargy and monotony he pushes the best employee engagement and revitalization activities forward.

Codiant- the Company hailed for providing exceptional Mobile App and Web Development services in the USA follows the legacy of organizing a sports day viz. CCL 2018 on 20 Jan, 2018 Saturday on the city’s most exotic location- Mehta Farmhouse located on the outskirts of the town.

The sports event apparently hooked the most favorite game of youth that’s Cricket and also supplemented a finishing touch of Badminton for youthful female employees. The event CCL i.e. Codiant Cricket League named after the company’s name collated four Teams namely Codiant Strikers, Challengers, Blasters and Warriors followed by seven matches in a day back to back. Eventually, that ended up with Codiant Blasters as the winner of all the series!

The practice of annual sports day in Codiant accelerated in 2017, to bridge the work-life balance of employees, and this process of providing impetus in the team surprisingly started advancing the geeky edge of employees from the creative and logical perspectives.

The IT Company supports nearly 150+ jobs at present and takes work and employee engagement activities as the same breathe. In addition to this, Codiant is also an active participant in Company Annual Events like Tech Summits, Award Functions and Custom festival celebrations.
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