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Qounter - The New Social Network announced the launch of its services

Earn, Share and Give Cash Back with your Friends for shopping! Qounter is a platform that is designed on the concept of sharing.


Wilmington, Delaware -- Qounter (pronounced counter), a unique social platform based on Earning, Sharing and Giving Cashbacks, announced the launch of its services in the United States on 26th January 2018. Targeting the millennial in the country, :Qounter is a platform that is designed on the concept of sharing. Simply put, when one buys a product or service from a :Qounter affiliated brand, she earns a cash back - a part of which is shared between her friends in the network as well as to a charity of her choice.
Qounter’s unique platform marries social media with cash back transactions.

Members get to SHARE their earned cash back with their family and friends across their favorite social network(s), and at the same time EARN cash back from their friends and family. Members also GIVE a portion of the cash back earned to their favorite charitable causes. All working together in the exact moment you make a purchase in a Qounter merchant in any part of the world..

Qounter is much like a Clearing House of sorts. We are a platform where both Merchants and users meet, transactions occur, cash back is earned and then flows through our platform (Share + Give).

Qounter provides the user with his appropriate earnings, and then sends the applicable earnings to the users friends and favorite cause(s) or charity. Qounter revenues comes from charging the merchant a 1.5% transaction fee.

Qounter's first target demographic will be Millennial. Millennials view Qounter as a fun, upbeat, and easy way to earn extra money. They love the socially progressive cornerstone of Qounter and they love the addictive notion of being able to share all of this with their friends.

With respect to Merchants, they already understand and budget for the proven concept of providing cash back to consumers. Where Qounter is unique and most interesting to Merchants is that it is moves the existing cash back model from a "one to one", to a "one to many" model. This movement to a shared "one to many" model, means that merchants now will be the beneficiary of the leverage effect brought on by subscribers sharing their earnings with their social networks.

Sharing will equate to more eyeballs looking at you, more people talking about you, more visits to your site or storefront, more customers who will want to share the cash back they earn from you, not to mention the potential softer benefits of being associated with a socially progressive message. All this will equate to Merchants getting increased visibility and loyalty from both new and existing consumers, and ultimately increased sales.

Qounter currently has 3,000 signed contracts with on-line US merchants, many with brand name logos including Apple, Nike, Macys,, Adidas, GAP, etc.

You can download the app since today via Apple Store or Google Play, as “Qounter”.

Qounter – New Econ Technologies Inc. started in 2015 in US.
Currently the company is in a pre Round A round.

Here is a quick video about Qounter -

“Qounter will change the way we buy, by sharing the cash back earned with friends and charities all over the world, creating a new global consumption model.” Raul Triveno - Founder

Contact Info
New Econ Technologies Inc.
1209 Orange Street

Phone: 201-984-3090