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Asteriskservice Announces Payment IVR Solution to Help Increase Sales Across Various Industry

Sophisticated, AI based advanced IVR takes the frustration out of IVR and helps customers use it for making payment that, in turn, translates to greater sales and revenue.


Asterisk Service, a globally recognized IVR solutions developer, announced the launch of payment integrated IVR solutions for various industry verticals. Hotels, travel industry, banks, DTH services, mobile services, internet services, financial services and even information providers can benefit by switching to Asterisk payment IVR solutions.

Trial runs, according to a representative of Asterisk Service, have proved extremely promising. Those taking part in trials have come to the conclusion that the payment IVR solution helps them complete a transaction in one go. “It is better than live interaction with an agent,” one participant states. “Payment IVR is fast and I have sent money in a safe way in just a couple of minutes as compared to more time it would take through any other means,” said another. Companies that participated in the Asterisk Payment IVR program have unequivocally stated that it is something they are going to implement. “It helps in better customer retention, especially when it is a caller who inquires and then decides to make payment. The facility of doing it on the spot means he will not have time to change his mind. We increase sales and have a happy, satisfied customer,” said that company’s spokesman.

Asterisk payment IVR solution, according to the spokesman of the company, allows fast, easy and convenient way to send and receive money in a secure way. Asterisk has implemented a highly encrypted and secure IVR payment gateway with customization according to a client’s business model. Callers can call at any time, make a decision and then proceed with payment using the payment IVR from anywhere. It is a web and mobile integrated platform with data integration and various options on methods of making payment. Multiple languages are supported in Asterisk payment IVR in addition to artificial intelligence backed call transfer according to the type of transaction chosen.

Companies benefit in two ways by implementing asterisk payment IVR into their online ecommerce model. One is that buyers can call at any time and proceed to the final stage of making payment and complete it with peace of mind. The second is that this facility helps in more conversions that translate to greater revenues. Customer satisfaction is assured and the chances of errors that humans can commit are avoided altogether. “This is the future,” said the representative of Asterisk Service.

Asterisk welcomes inquiries from enterprises for its payment IVR solutions.


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