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FiDonce Pro-Am Coming to Philadelphia this Summer

FiDonce Pro-Am set to re-energize Philadelphia’s Basketball Circuit


FiDonce Pro-Am will bring back another level of basketball competition to Philadelphia, this Summer 2018.

FiDonce Pro-Am, headed up by Eric “Pooh” Evans, is bringing back to Philadelphia, the rich tradition of competitive basketball the city was once so well-known for producing. If you think you may recognize the name Evans, it’s because Eric is the older brother of NBA star basketballer, Tyreke Evans, currently with the Memphis Grizzlies. Eric himself was an All American in his Junior and Senior years of college, and went on to play pro ball overseas. On coming back from overseas, Eric was integral to the development of his younger brother, Tyreke. Currently Evans has under his wing, top 3 High School Prospect (Westown High), Cameron Reddish.

Since the demise of formerly respected, renowned leagues such as the Drexel Pro-Am (2012) and The Baker League (2004), there has been a drought of pro level basketball. FiDonce Pro-Am is looking to be the Summer competition that pro players in the area come home to play in over the Summer months. FiDonce Pro-Am will align itself with charitable organizations, and will look to give back to the surrounding communities with opportunities for players to mentor children, contribute to fundraising, and provide food and resources for the homeless and less fortunate.

The FiDonce Pro-Am will have 16 teams comprising of NBA, College, Overseas and Semi-Pro Players. All teams will play 10 games. Currently 8 of 16 team slots have already been filled with only 8 spots remaining. All teams and players will be screened to ensure a high level of competition.

Evans as CEO of FiDonce Pro-Am, has brought in a strong team to ensure a successful launch. Team members announced are Fahreed Cheatham as Commissioner, Elisa O’Keefe-Smith as VP, and Saleem Brown as Director.

Looking forward to watching a successful first Summer Season of The FiDonce Pro-Am.

FiDonce (fee-donce) meaning confidence
The FiDonce Pro-Am was created with a vision to bring back the rich tradition of elite basketball competition for NBA, Pro and College players to compete together over the Summer months.

FiDonce Multi-Sport Facility
3640 G St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Instagram/Twitter: fidonceproam

Contact Information:

Eric “Pooh” Evans (CEO)

Fahreed Cheatham (Commissioner)


Contact Info
FiDonce Pro-Am
3640 G St, Philadelphia, PA, 19134]

Phone: 215-847-7717