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Handles Manufacturer Announces Collection Of Optimum Quality 304 Stainless Steel Industrial Handles

Dongguan Roche Offers quality and reliable handles manufacturing and supply for customers around the world


China: Dongguan Roche, a professional handles manufacturer, is proud to announce their collection of industrial handles. The handles are made from optimum quality material 304 stainless steel, steel plated chrome, and are extremely strong and reliable. Customers can choose from a wide selection of items specifically designed for different purposes including grab handles, machine, handles, drawer handles, and door handles. Dongguan Roche industrial handles have passed through stringent quality control to ensure they help boost their customer's business.
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"With more than 12 years of experience in the business of designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality industrial handles, we are the team to beat. We offer quality products that have gone through modern design and product processes that ensure they come out the best. We are committed to the growth and development of our customers, to ensure that they have the very best in handles of which they will use for their own businesses. Our factory and teams are always ready to meet your demand no matter the volume you require," said Robin Luo, a representative of Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd.

Roche’s collection of industrial handles is a winner for every company out there who value quality products for their construction purposes. Customers can choose stainless steel cabinet handles made with the aid of highly advanced techniques. There are also grip handles known for their impressive designs and perfect for industrial equipment and toolbox installation, while the drawer handles are made for excellent product delivery.
"My business has transformed dramatically since I started taking supplies from Roche. They have a wide range of products, which is something hard to find. Apart from the fact that they deliver quality, they also produce items that are mostly required and in demand. This I believe is due to their understanding of the marketplace, and I’m so happy I am benefiting from their expertise and efficiency," said Aaron M, a customer.
Roche’s industrial handles have passed through high-tech manufacturing processes, including quality design, molding, top class die casting technology, polishing, surface treatment, quality control, and packaging.

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Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd is a premier furniture handles manufacturer in China. For more than 12 years, the company has been providing high-quality service delivery for clients across the world, to help them improve their business. For more information, please contact +86 0769-89366747, +86-13380155275, or visit

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