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Getting to Know Tri State Sports’ Managing Partner, Nick P.

With the addition of a brand new client, Tri State Sports welcomed a new Managing Partner.


RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – In an industry where the demand of the clients is higher than ever, growth and promotion into managerial roles is in the fabric of Tri State Sports’ culture. Success with sports clients has introduced opportunities to delve into the telecommunications industry, and has welcomed a new partnership with Nick P.

With two years of experience in the company, Nick has brought a dynamic management style and enthusiasm to Tri State Sports. His multifaceted experience with several different campaigns across various markets over the course of the past two years has built a strong foundation for him when it comes to training and management.

Nick is a 2015 graduate of St. John’s University, where he majored in Economics. After gaining experience in the construction industry upon graduation, Nick decided to pursue a position where he could apply his people skills and sports minded mentality from his time as an award-winning wrestler. When he learned about the merit based reward structure and competitive nature of the business, he decided it was the right fit.

“Soon after starting with the company, I could see how challenging and rewarding this opportunity could be,” Nick said. “I had to learn how to develop discipline and give my best efforts even on the days when I might not have felt up to it.”

“In any position, especially after a long period of time, people tend to just go through the motions instead of exerting their top level of performance,” Nick said. “I learned how crucial it is to actively focus daily on getting better in all aspects of this business.”

Even though Nick has ascended through the ranks within the company, he approaches each day with the mentality of a student; as if he is just getting started. It allows him to maintain the right perspective, and makes him relatable to his team members that are in various stages of the Management Training Program.

“My advice for someone just starting out would be to remember that you are always in training, even when you’re promoted into management,” Nick said. “That will keep your mind open to new approaches and ideas; ultimately enhancing your leadership skills.”

Moving forward, Nick has goals of expanding with new office locations in New York and California.


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