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Oak Brook, IL Wedding Photographer Ranks 6 in the World

Are you recently getting married and searching for the best wedding photographer to capture your most important memories? Sherry Hagerman of Allusion Photography located in Oak Brook, IL has just been ranked number 6 in the world out of 170,000 photographers.


Illinois Photographer Ranks Number 6 in the World

Oak Brook, IL: Sherry Hagerman of Allusion Photography started her wedding photography company fifteen years ago. With a fresh start and two small boys, she knew she was aware of the risks and dangers of starting a new business with no safety net. All of her hard work and dedication paid off in early 2018 as she is now ranked the number six top wedding photographer in the world out of 170,000 photographers.

“When I started Allusion Photography in 2005 most small photography companies were closing due to the financial crisis. I had no option but to make this work for my children.” Sherry (not looking toward failure but only for success) began seeking out some of the best in the industry. She spent most of her money learning from some of the top photographers and business people. “I started looking for mentors that I could learn from. I would go to conventions and soak up as much information not only about photography but also how to run my business.” She is a strong believer of giving back to her community and now teaches over 30,000 wedding photographers a year how to run their business and photograph weddings properly.

In 2008, Allusion Photography and Sherry Hagerman won her first award as “Best In The Midwest” by The Knot. She has since won this same award every year for the past 10 years. For the past two years, Allusion Photography was awarded “Best In The United States” for excellence in wedding photography. This year Allusion was ranked #6 in the Nation by One Eyeland, the number one source for famous photography.

According to One Eyeland they started with, “170,00 submissions. We filtered out the work and distilled it down to 155 spectacular shots clicked by 94 stellar photographers from across the globe.”

“Premium Beat’, a shutterstock company, once did an estimate on how much it would cost to build a camera that mimics the human eye.” They concluded that it would take a whopping 35 million dollars to match the sophistication of the eye! One of that Sherry Hagerman has worked so hard and has now achieved.

Allusion Photography: Sherry Hagerman has been a professional photographer for 15 years. Her images have been published in major art publications, multiple magazines, newspapers, and her company has been covered in both the National & International Media.

Sherry prides herself in giving back to the photography community through training and donation of her time to local charities. “I am a firm believer in educating those that want to succeed. If I can train photographers how to run a great business and offer the right advice, we can all put a higher value on what we do and bring back photography as an art.”

Allusion Photography: 1010 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60523

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