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A team of AI enthusiasts is seeking to revolutionize the way we choose to spend our free time

So Me! Your personal assistant that will help you discover best leisure ideas using AI. In other words - AI That Really Gets You!


Due to the ever-quickening pace of life, our leisure time becomes more and more valuable. It is not surprising, since however little free time we have, we want it to be of great quality. The stakes are high and the way we make these decisions ultimately shapes our lives.

But despite the importance of leisure, many of us encounter a fundamental problem. The questions are as old as time: What should I do? Where should I go? What should I see? The truth of the matter is, it is often difficult to make these decisions and finding original and relevant ideas for leisure is an even harder endeavor.

But it definitely does not have to be this way. What if finding exciting ideas could be as simple as opening an app and seeing a list of individually tailored suggestions, just waiting there for you? This is the same question that was asked by a team of AI enthusiasts who decided that it is time to put an end to mindlessly browsing online and hoping that something interesting will pop up.

So Me! is an AI-based algorithm created specifically to solve this problem. It works in a simple yet elegant way: we all like to share great ideas, so different users submit a variety of these and you get to pick a few. The algorithm remembers your picks and immediately starts suggesting other ideas relevant only to you, based on your previous selections. The more ideas you select, the better the suggestions.

According to the founder of So Me!, Arnas Stucinskas, ideas about a similar app visited him some time ago: “These thoughts used to come to me during moments when I had a lot of energy and enthusiasm to try something new, but everyday activities just weren’t enough. During these moments I used to think “Oh if I only had a 100 personal advisors full of creative ideas, I would never run out of things to try”. And so these thoughts gave a start to So Me! – a place where original ideas are stored and never forgotten and AI helps me find suggestions relevant to me only.”

In contrast to mass marketed entertainment and events, So Me! is, of course, all about you – your personality, your mood and your choices. Furthermore, the idea library is entirely user-generated which means that you will without a doubt encounter something exciting, original and unexpected.

So Me! will not only save your precious time with simplifying the whole process of searching for interesting ideas, but it also means an end to boredom and frustration due to inability to actually find something personally relevant.

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