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A Class Tax Solutions Introduces Tax Coaching Service

This is a formal introduction to our new tax coaching service, which offers a plain-English plan for beating the IRS, legally. Most tax preparers do an adequate job putting the right numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. But there’s little or no proactive planning. In fact, our research and testing indicate that clients who implement our tax coaching service can rescue thousands of wasted tax dollars, year after year.


West Palm Beach, FL, March 22, 2018 – West Palm Beach Tax and Wealth Strategist Chantelle Brown is pleased to announce that A Class Tax Solutions, has added tax coaching to their firm’s services. The new service gives clients a plain-English plan for beating the IRS – legally.

“Traditional tax ‘planning’ crunches numbers to illustrate ‘what-if’ scenarios based on future assumptions,” said Brown. “It gives clients simple numbers, in more detail than they need or want. But clients don’t want numbers. Clients want savings.”

“Our tax coaching service quizzes clients on their families and homes, jobs, businesses, and investments, then recommends specific strategies and concepts for saving tax,” Brown continued. “We package those recommendations in plain English, to deliver the savings they really want.”

Fees start at $600 tax-deductible dollars. Coaching includes a personalized written report and ongoing maintenance for changing tax laws.

More information is available online

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Chantelle F. Brown is the CEO/founder of A Class Tax Solutions, a full-service accounting/tax/financial services firm serving Greater West Palm Beach for over 20 years. Offices are located in the Eminent Business Suites on N. Dixie Hwy.


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