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Author Angela Brister Re-releases Black Woman, Just Get Your Hair Wet!

Author Angela Brister is excited to release the second edition of her self-help book Black Woman, Just Get Your Hair Wet! Launch date is March 27, 2018.


Self-help books, blogs and articles are nothing new. But there is something very special about the re-release of Angela’s book. For one thing, it’s a second edition that comes with a unique and somewhat humorous story attached to it.

“When I first decided to write a book, I didn’t really know what I was doing,” Angela admits. “I just knew that I had an important message to get out. It’s kind of a long story, but please make sure you hire an editor who has a strong command of the English language and doesn’t argue with you about your own content.”

This second go around, Angela is confident, happy, ready. At a time when she believes that women should be more united than ever, Black Woman, Get Your Hair Wet! is an offering that—pardon the pun—dives into all sorts of vulnerable topics; ones that Angela explores via stats, research, observation and most importantly, personal experience.

As a professional, divorcee, mother…survivor, Black Woman, Get Your Hair Wet! shares insights as it relates to succeeding in the business world, battling depression, navigating through relationships, conquering self-image issues and discovering how to have a voice in a world that oftentimes tries to silence both Black women and men alike.

As for the title of the book itself? “Any Black woman who sees it will immediately have an idea of where I’m coming from,” laughs Angela. “It’s basically a metaphor. In the effort to put our best physical appearance forward, at the risk of ‘not getting our hair wet’, we can miss out on so much. For me, one of those things was bonding with my daughter while she was swimming in the pool. That’s where the inspiration of the title came from. What I’m hoping my book will do is touch on things that could be hindering us from ‘getting our hair wet’ in the sense of taking risks, trying new things and also having fun!”

As a life coach, Angela knows the importance of not only reading but doing self-work. That’s why she’s also included a complementary journal in this edition, so that her readers can work through some of their own ah-ha moments within each chapter.

“When the first edition came out, it was like a newborn,” shares Angela. “Babies grow and now this re-release has ‘matured’ in some ways I’m really proud of. I believe it will be the kind of tool that will inspire other women to do some real self-reflection so that they can reach some of their own personal goals. I’m looking forward to them sharing some with me.”

Angela is available for interviews about her book. She also offers one-on-one life coaching sessions.

Visit for more info on the releases, the book signing and her media campaign beginning in late March.

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