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Chiropractic Women of the World Unite

Dr. Cyndy Shaft-Toll, cover of the American Chiropractor and founder of the non-profit organization Women Chiropractors (Wdc), Dr. Cyndy Shaft-Toll has one mission. Empowering and connecting compassionate, confident, charitable and courageous chiropractors.


Last month she was honored to not only get an article in American Chiropractor with a spotlight on her organization but also is featured on the cover in the current issue as well. It is evident looking at the cover photo her pride and determination to serve
all the women chiropractors that came before her and all those who she proudly serves.

Everyone has a story, and Dr Cyndy’s is a dramatic one of reinventing and rebuilding her life after tragedy. Her personal struggles as a single mom of seven and need to resurrect a practice after that inspired her to reach out to other Women Chiropractors who had challenges of their own. She wanted to ensure that there was a place for Women Chiropractors to gain the support and tools necessary for success, but also to give back to the profession and the world. She formed the non-profit with a group of eight successful women chiropractors who altruistically gave to the start-up and believed in her mission.

The Women Chiropractors organization has grown exponentially since its inception and continues to grow based on the safe place it creates for all women to find support and advice. “Our metrics are out of this world and people are starting to notice,” says Dr Cyndy.

The board has taken on the incredible task of hosting the Firsr Annual Women Chiropractors Convention in October of 2018 in Orlando, FL. This convention themed “ The Amazing Balancing Act of the Women Chiropractor” will unite women across the globe and allow them to continue their chiropractic education (CE’s) as well as be motivated, learn business and accounting skills, nurture their human resource skills and much more.

The full article is in the February 2018 edition of American Chiropractor. Get your copy at The American Chiropractor and subscribe to their magazine.

To learn more about Wdc and join the non for profit group serving women chiropractors internationally, please visit

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