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Tri State Kicks Off Baseball Season

The start of baseball season marks the beginning of the annual MLB sports campaigns launched by the team at Tri State.


RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – The start of baseball season marks the beginning of the annual MLB sports campaigns launched by the team at Tri State.

Based in Northern NJ, Tri State produces interactive promotional marketing campaigns for top NYC sports teams. The team was invited to attend an orientation held at a sports arena to set the stage for the launch of their annual MLB campaigns. In light of the orientation, Tri State’s CEO outlined the benefits of maintaining those partnerships and the highlights of the event.

“Representing teams in baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer has its advantages,” Paul said. “I’m not sure if it’s the warm weather approaching, but there’s always an added excitement when baseball season comes around.”

“Sports is a language that a lot of people can relate to,” Paul said. “Whether someone played sports in the past or just loves watching them, it’s familiar in some capacity. Not to mention- it’s sexy.”

Paul elaborated on how the sports related clientele attracts job seekers who tend to be a great fit for the Management Training Program offered at Tri State. He mentioned how those candidates typically demonstrate the qualities of being competitive, hard working, team oriented and persistent.

In addition to a sports oriented client base attracting ideal team members, Paul emphasized the impact that it has on the company culture.

“Having free access to MLB games provides opportunities for building relationships with my team and networking,” Paul said. “It’s so valuable to be able to kick back and enjoy time with everyone outside of work.”

“This week we attended an orientation where we were given a full stadium tour and met with the executives who work on our MLB clients’ behalf,” Paul said. “Immediately after the orientation and training, we had the opportunity to watch the game from a suite with our colleagues and significant others.”

“Our training and company culture revolves around team building and leadership,” Paul said. “These values are in the essence of events where we can interact with our clients and support the professional teams that we represent.”


Tri State is the leading experiential promotions firm the Tri-State Area based out of Ridgefield Park. Their expert team of marketing associates has the knowledge and experience to deliver interactive campaigns that generate increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and market share growth. The firm’s reputation for delivering professional representation has allowed them to expand into new regions, strengthening their ability to help businesses connect with their consumers through personalized, targeted promotions. They now operate several offices nationwide, giving them the necessary presence to reach different demographics and form profitable relationships with new businesses. By combining cutting-edge techniques with a commitment to core values, Tri State stands alone as a marketing leader. To learn more, visit

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