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Survey Shows Businesses Aren't Fully Prepared for Cyber Attacks

Recent cyber security survey by Cyber Host Pro shows that many UK businesses aren't prepared efficiently for cyber attacks.


Cyber attacks are an unfortunate result of the continual evolution of modern technology throughout the digital age — and it's something that has become very costly for business owners. By now, you would have thought every company owner would ensure their site is as secure as possible, but a recent survey has revealed that businesses aren't ticking all the boxes when it comes preparing themselves for cyber attacks.

A survey conducted by Cyber Host Pro, one of the UK's leading web hosting businesses, has revealed that although many companies are taking a few steps to secure their websites; many of them are ignoring a lot of the basics and therefore making themselves vulnerable to attacks.

As many as 59% of website owners are not implementing key steps towards a secure site, whilst even the simplest of steps, such as regularly changing passwords, are not carried out by a large section of online businesses.

Cyber Threat is "Bigger Than Ever"

The results ofCyber Host Pro's survey are even more concerning because of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Crime Agency (NCA) claiming that the cyber threat for UK businesses is "bigger than ever." They carried out a joint report analysing how nefarious cyber activity from 2017-2018 has impacted UK businesses.

When asked how businesses need to respond to the report, NCSC technical director Ian Levy stated: "If they do nothing else, they should do the basics. Of all the incidents we have investigated in the past year, almost all of them could have been prevented or at least mitigated to a great degree by the basics."

What Basic Steps Can be Taken to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

Cyber Host Pro's survey asked 500 UK business owners which of the following basic steps they have taken to protect their website from the threat of cyber attacks.

• Change default password
• Ensure content management system (CMS) software is up to date
• Make sure your web hosting service is secure
• Use HTTPS instead of HTTP
• Backup your website data regularly

As you can see, these steps are not only relatively basic, but some of them — such as changing the default password and backing up data — are common sense for website owners. But the fact remains that business owners still aren't taking the necessary precautions to ensure their sites are safe.

Many Business Owners Aren't Implementing Basic Cyber Security

The results of the survey are alarming when you consider how dangerous a cyber attack can be for a business. They're also a lot more common than you would think, with half of the UK's businesses being attacked in 2016. The graph below shows the percentage of respondents who have already implemented the steps we mentioned above.

As you can see, a larger percentage of business owners are taking care of the most basic steps, such as changing the default password (though 27% of respondents not doing so is cause for concern). Fewer respondents have implemented processes such as updating CMS software (41%) and using HTTPS instead of HTTP (50%), doing themselves and their business a disservice in the process.

Chris Danks, the owner of Cyber Host Pro (, was particularly surprised that only 64% of business owners had made sure their website hosting service was secure: "The quality of web hosting is essential for site performance, reliability, but also for how efficient a website and business is in regards to cyber security. It's also one of the first steps of creating any website, so for business owners to opt for a lesser service at this stage is worrying."

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