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Agile Space announces upcoming events in Krakow in May, 2018

Platform for Agile believers is to hold events with certification in Krakow. Agile Dojo will take place on May 30 and SAFe® for Teams with SAFe® 4 Practitioner Certification on May 30-31.

KRAKOW, PL - Agile Space is sharing information about two upcoming events in May, which will take place in Krakow, Poland. A one-day Agile Dojo on May 30 and a two-day event with certification, SAFe® on May 30-31.

The events are supported by Symphony Solutions, an international IT company that has recently expanded to Krakow.

Agile Dojo is designed to gain new knowledge through communication and group tasks. The participants work in small Scrum teams and use special Agile topic cards to cover different points and share insights. The event will be held in Lean Coffee format so that the participants are free to ask questions, dwell on their common practice of using Agile and learn from each other.
In addition, there will be an interactive test on Scrum and Agile to see how familiar are the participants with the technology.

The event will be beneficial for both – those, who have solid understanding of Scrum framework and those, who are completely new to it.

SAFe® for Teams with SAFe® 4 Practitioner Certification is a thorough course for Agile practitioners to learn how to align teamwork effectively within the concept of Agile release train (ART). It provides clear elucidation for Scrum, Kanban, and XP frameworks and the productivity of using them.
This event is designed in the way that each participant learns how to perform promptly within Agile teams working in a scaled environment, that is – how to build an Agile team, plan and execute iterations and execute Program Increments. The audience will also be introduced to Lean, Agile Manifesto and SAFe principles.

The course will be at most informative and provide valuable skills and additional perks, but most importantly the participants will be fully equipped to take the exam for a certified SAFe® 4.5 Practitioner (SP).
Both events will be conducted by Kseniya Kobryn (UA) – founder of the Agile Space platform, Agile coach at Symphony Solutions, Certified Scrum Professional and SAFe® 4.5 Program Consultant.

About Agile Space
Agile Space is a platform for those following Agile and looking to collaborate, share new information and learn more. Agile certification courses generate ideas for meet ups, lectures and workshops, conducted by a coach approved by the Scrum Alliance.

About Symphony Solutions
Symphony Solutions is an international IT company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and delivery centers in Ukraine, Macedonia and Poland. As a high-performance organization it thoroughly incorporates Agility and provides quality IT, BPO and Consultancy services to customers from Europe, Canada and the USA.

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