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Sapience Analytics Launches New Solution Work From Home

he company’s data analysis reveals the stone-cold truth: work-from-home workers are actually more productive per day and more focused than in-office counterparts


FRISCO, Texas – May 10, 2018 – Sapience Analytics, the market leader in the rapidly growing People Analytics segment, announced today its new Work from Home solution designed to help improve productivity and employee engagement of the growing global telecommuting workforce is now generally available.

The new solution expands the company’s product portfolio, empowering organizations with a vital tool for next-generation performance management initiatives, which increasingly involve remote workers. Sapience Analytics technology is used by more than 120,000 users in over 85 enterprises across 18 countries to move the needle on employee engagement, organizational productivity, and business profitability.

According to the latest US Census, 3.7 million employees work from home for at least half the time, and the number of regular telecommuting has grown 115% since 2005. And yet, while telecommuting and work from home options continue to be adopted by a large and growing percentage of employers, several employers, including Yahoo, have moved to reverse the trend of work-at-home employment, forcing employees back into corporate offices.

“Research reveals a majority of employees want to telecommute and work-from-home and/or have the flex-time options,” said Bradley Killinger, CEO of Sapience. “While employers must accommodate this desire, they also need the means to ensure a high level of productivity and engagement from their remote workforce. Sapience’s Work from Home solution helps address all of these requirements, helping employers leverage an expanded talent pool not limited by geographic constraints and reduce their operations/facilities cost.”

“Sapience provides a data-driven approach to guide organizations on in-office and remote workforce deployment strategies,” continued Killinger. “This data statistically refutes misperceptions that exist around work-from-home staffing and upholds its value proposition. After analyzing some 500,000 hours of data around work trends and patterns, we have found that work-from-home employees spend on average 2 more hours per day on computer projects than their work-in-office counterparts, and 1.8 more hours a day engaged in more focused (non distracted) ‘core time’ as compared to their work-in-office colleagues.”

Employers struggle with work from home policies when managers are unable to discern the productivity level of remote workers. Sapience software automates the collection of digital signals emitted from work phone and PC interactions – and combines them with powerful analytics that enable senior executives to make better decisions around their biggest investment – their human capital. Sapience automates the reporting of work patterns, time and activity, creates baselines of expected work output to set goals for teams to achieve, providing the data and visibility needed to measure team engagement and productivity. Additionally, using Sapience’s built-in gamification features, managers can motivate remote team members to achieve new and improved levels of performance.

“As we expand our operations geographically, and add customers and solutions to our portfolio, it's very important to build a robust and flexible work environment that allows us to hire and maintain our workforce anywhere in the world without the need for physical office locations,” said Deepti Arora, head of Human Resources at global software implementation and consultancy firm Evosys.

“Initially, we were concerned about productivity and work adherence with work-from-home staffing. We found an ideal solution in Sapience; the software allows us to observe overall work trends and productivity of remote employees. We have been using Sapience for several months now and have seen an upward trend in the productivity for work-from-home scenarios.”

With the Sapience Work from Home solution, managers can not only confidently ensure work policy adherence but also ascertain which roles are better suited for a work-from-home environment – i.e. those which require high focused work and less in-person collaboration. By looking at real data, organizations no longer need to operate on “gut feel” or assumptions about work effort and productivity. With Sapience, management can mentor and better manage employee effort and output.

The solution is easily integrated with time and attendance systems, project management tools, task and transaction systems, and rewards and recognition solutions.

About Sapience Analytics
Sapience Analytics, a US-based corporation, is a market leader in People Analytics and provides a unique enterprise workforce analytics and efficiency solution. Sapience delivers unprecedented visibility into work patterns and behavior in an organization, which is being used by leaders of over 85 major customers across 18 locations to make better-informed decisions and improve operating efficiencies across their enterprises. The Sapience platform focuses on helping companies achieve improved efficiencies for staffing, workload optimization, process improvement, robotic process automation, and outsourcing governance.

Sapience is the recipient of several industry awards for its innovative product and fast growth, including Dun & Bradstreet, Frost & Sullivan, TiE50 – Bay area, NASSCOM, and IDG Channel World. Visit us at

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