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Sundown AI announces the launch of their Happiness Routing

Real time intelligent routing that increases customer happiness


New York City, New York. Sundown AI announces the launch of their Happiness Routing. A solution that provides real time intelligent routing to increase happiness by matching customers to specific agents based on historical data, customer profiles, and agent attributes. The routing occurs at the individual agent level.

Happiness routing is a machine learning algorithm that chooses a specific agent that will make that customer happier; it's a behavioral based algorithm. For example, let’s imagine that a customer calls with a billing complaint. Chloe, our AI layer, would evaluate that customer’s prior history and assign the best agent amongst those available to handle the request. Our happiness routing recommends agents in the same way that netflix recommends movies. As a customer, you would get more of what you like and less of what you don’t. Each day, Chloe retrains herself to continually improve her routing decisions.

The Happiness Routing is enhanced by Chloe, Sundown’s AI analytics layer. The Analytic AI models can be applied to over eight contextual parameters ranging from brand messaging to fraud detection. Chloe’s analytic AI coupled with happiness routing provides increased accuracy and intelligence, drives smarter routing decisions and enriches the customer experience.

“It all starts with happy customers and great customer service generates that happiness. Our happiness routing was designed to increase customer satisfaction and improve customer service deficiencies to help businesses grow.”, said Fabio Cardenas, CEO, Sundown AI.

About Sundown AI: builds analytic Artificial Intelligence applications that are powered by NLP, graph algorithms, and machine learning. They automate human repetitive tasks via existing business suites to help companies grow. Chloe, a self-learning AI system, provides companies with business solutions to reduce costs, boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Custom integrations are available via an API. Learn more at

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