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LingQ Language learning app launches game-changing new Android feature

The newest update to the LingQ language learning Android app will change the way we learn languages. You can now create a lesson from anything you find in your target language with the new import feature! News, blog posts, recipes, song lyrics, whatever you’re into, import it as a lesson and learn the words and phrases as you read.


Language learning platform LingQ’s new Android app allows you to import and learn from any content on the web.

On LingQ, your target language is absorbed through repeated exposure to content (text with matching audio) that you’re actually interested in. There are 1000s of hours of native lessons to suit all interests. Learn from blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, news articles, song lyrics, novels, whatever you’re into.

As you read through lessons on LingQ, words and phrases are translated and saved for later review using built in review activities. All progress is tracked so you can see how many words you know, how many you’ve learned and how close you are to the next level of proficiency in your new language.

With the new import feature on Android language learners are even more in control. Import and create lessons from any content you find online!. Just click on the Android share menu when you’re on a page you want to learn from in Chrome or Twitter, click “import”, easy peasy.

LingQ cofounder Mark Kaufmann says of the recent update: “Learning from content of interest is one of our key messages at LingQ. The more interesting the content you are learning from, the more motivated you will be to put in the time and the more you will want to understand. This means you will learn faster. This new update allows content of interest to be integrated into your Lesson Feed in the app and allows you to import any content you find on the web. Whether this is a French fashion blog you want to read or a food site from Italy, any content can be easily imported into LingQ so you can understand the content and, more importantly, learn your new language.”

The LingQ Android app is a must for anyone serious about learning a language!

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