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Miller & Wynn Attorneys Advise Drivers on New Law Requiring Georgians to Drive “Hands-Free”

Information all drivers need to know about House Bill 673. The Bill details exactly what drivers are and are not allowed to do while operating a vehicle as it relates to phones.


DOUGLASVILLE, GA. (May 25, 2018) - Attorneys at Miller & Wynn, PC want to ensure all Georgia drivers are aware of the new requirements created by House Bill 673, otherwise known as the “Hands-Free Georgia Act” that takes effect July 1. Since 2009, the crash rate in the state of Georgia has increased annually. The state was ranked the 4th highest in traffic fatalities in the country for 2017. In an attempt to lower these numbers and make Georgia roadways a safer place, House Bill 673 was signed into law on May 2, which bans drivers from using their mobile devices while driving.

The Bill details exactly what drivers are and are not allowed to do while operating a vehicle as it relates to phones. Specifically, drivers are prohibited from holding or supporting a wireless telecommunication device with any part of their body when the vehicle is in motion. Drivers may not press more than one button to either initiate or terminate a voice call, nor may anyone write, read, or send any text-based communication, nor watch or record videos.

Phone calls are permitted as long as an earpiece or speaker is used so the driver is able to keep both hands free to drive. Additionally, a vehicle stopped at a red light does not legally allow the driver to send a quick text. The vehicle must be off the roadway and lawfully parked before the driver begins use of a handheld mobile device. Exceptions are written in to allow for the use of mobile devices to report crimes or hazards, call for emergency services, and by public safety employees in the line of duty. The use of a handheld device for mapping or GPS navigation is permitted as well.

First offenders will be fined no more than $50 and receive one point on their license, while second time offenders may be fined up to $100 with more points added.

Seeking more information about the the new Bill, please contact Miller & Wynn at 1-866-338-0555.

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