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Novacoast Welcomes Identity Security Expert David Muehling to the Team

Novacoast deepens its Identity offerings and expands managed services with new partnership.


Novacoast, an IT Professional Services and Product Development company, is proud to welcome David Muehling, founder and CEO of Identity Partners, to our network of resources. A veteran of Gartner, Countrywide Financial and Charter Communications, Muehling now brings his unequaled Identity Services perspective and 20 years of experience into the global footprint of Novacoast. He will be working with Novacoast’s Identity and Security teams.

“Combining resources does two things,” says Muehling. “We expand the Identity capabilities and maturity of Novacoast, while broadening the reach of its managed security services.”

Muehling points to Novacoast’s international managed Security Operations Centers as a leading factor in his decision to partner with the services group. “IT budgets are shrinking, and security skillsets are incredibly difficult to find and keep in this market,” he says. “The ability that Novacoast has to augment a team with necessary skills—or take on tasks outright—is providing immeasurable value to organizations in every industry. I am eager to leverage this powerful resource and offer it to my customers.”

Novacoast CEO Paul Anderson says he approached Muehling because of the depth and versatility of his experience. “Novacoast is a company that seeks out leadership,” said Anderson, citing Muehling’s work with Fortune 5 retail companies and Ivy League universities as well as global financial, energy and entertainment organizations. “David’s perspective has been consistently ahead of the rest of the industry, remaining solution-focused rather than getting tied down to any one technology or method. He will unquestionably keep Novacoast thinking and moving forward.”

Muehling points to company culture as a big factor in his decision to bring his 20 years of expertise to Novacoast. “I’m lucky to have found a group of tech-minded people with the same perspective I used to build my company,” said Muehling. “Novacoast is engineering-first in everything it does—focusing on attracting and supporting talent, which is what ultimately led me to the conclusion that Novacoast was the right fit versus other commodity identity management and security service providers. Novacoast provides solutions based on the business need, rather than trying to change the business to fit a specific technology sell. That is a philosophy that breeds successful security and identity programs, and that is the philosophy that brought me to Novacoast”

Muehling is based in St. Louis, MO. and provides advisory and services support for Identity and Security challenges worldwide. To learn more, visit

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