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The “Hottest” Internet Challenges on LIKE Produce 30 Million Monthly Users

The revolutionary social video platform, LIKE generated 20,000 user-created videos, within a month, in response to "The Floor Is Lava" and the "Hungry Magician" challenge.


LIKE, a breakthrough social video platform and mobile app with body recognition special effects, has introduced a new way for users to participate in the hottest internet challenges – and it’s a huge success! In just over a month, LIKE users created nearly 20,000 videos in response to just two of the most popular challenges: #TheFloorIsLava, where you can actually see lava around the video creator, and #HungryMagician.

#HungryMagician was inspired by one of LIKE App’s top influencers (also known as LIKErs), StefaniaLily, challenging others to use LIKE’s special effects to “magically” pull objects out of a hat and eat them. Like the #TheFloorIsLava challenge, LIKE’s special effects and advanced body tracking are critical in powering this fun and engaging game.

Similar to other video challenges that have become widely popular across social media platforms, LIKE challenges its users each month to create and share videos around a specific theme or game. But LIKE takes these challenges one step further by incorporating new and existing special effects into the videos, powering a new, fun and immersive way for users to engage with each other.

One of the biggest hits, the #TheFloorIsLava challenge, had users pretend the floor is actually lava. But with LIKE, users no longer have use their imagination, and instead apply the "Burning City" dynamic sticker to their video – an augmented reality (AR) effect that makes the floor look like real lava.

“We’ve taken some of the most viral challenges across the internet and applied our cutting-edge special effects to make them even more fun and captivating for our users,” said Aaron Wei, Sr. Vice President, BIGO Technology. “What makes challenges on LIKE so special is that many of our most successful challenges are created by users, for users. It’s an unbelievably fun way for our growing community to engage with one another.”
LIKE has experienced explosive growth following its launch in August 2017, surpassing more than 50 million downloads globally. LIKE has quickly become one of the most talked about and fastest-growing video apps on Google Play and Apple App Store, particularly among users 13 to 25 years old.

Some of the app’s unique special effects include:
1.Super Power – LIKE’s augmented reality is based on skeleton tracking and classification technology, empowering creators to add supernatural effects that match body movement
2.4D Magic – features independently developed intelligent body movement tracking technology paired with image editing and special effects processing that allows for interchangeable backgrounds that can accommodate multiple people in a video
3.Music Magic – identifies and classifies music while accurately matching special effects to any sound, enabling users to express emotions freely by choosing different themes
4.Dynamic Stickers – applies face-detection technology to give more choices for users’ video overlays

Since its launch, LIKE has received praise throughout the app community and user base, winning three categories in the Google Play Awards in 2017 and topping #1 on iTunes charts with the debut of its 4D Magic Video Editing feature earlier this year.

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