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IZF recognizes the achievements of entrepreneurs in ‘Business Promotion’

The Association Investir En Zone Franc presents and space created to recognize the efforts and achievements of different enterprises in the section "Business of the month"


The Association Investir En Zone Franc is an organization committed to the promotion of business development in the African francophone area. In addition, it looks to help business leaders by providing them with information essential to their activities and relevant news for development. However, besides promoting entrepreneurship by providing information that is crucial all along the different stages of a business, IZF also recognizes their efforts and their achievements.

“Promotion of Businesses” is the section where IZF recognizes the achievements of entrepreneurs and presents the ‘Business of the month.’

Indeed, this section was created as a space where IZF presents a company to ensure its promotion and to appreciate their trajectories. The companies featured in this space are chosen with regards to best practices in terms of export strategy and foreign trade policies. Their relevance to their countries, as well as their efforts help to provide jobs and a healthier panorama for the nation’s economy are highlighted here.

By accessing this space, users can find out which company was chosen as the ‘Business of the month’, along with information about this company including the country of origin, website, contact information, its industry, type of enterprise, number of fiscal identification, date of creation and a summary about its operations, achievements, etc.

It is about recognizing their efforts, achievements and inspiring others while making their success stories relatable and even accessible, achievable.
In addition, the ‘Business of the month’ can add a space where users can contact them and their catalogue.

The webpage of IZF has a record of all the enterprises and people cannot only access the enterprise chosen for the current month, but also a list of the previous enterprises chosen on past editions.

This addition to the site shows IZF’s commitment to continue to promote businesses success and to recognize their achievements while using their experiences for inspiring other investors and entrepreneurs.

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IZF is an organization that encourages business development in the francophone area, and helps business leaders by providing them with information essential to their activities, while connecting local and international business partners and promoting the idea of cooperating.

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