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Innovation at Forefront of Partnership Between American-Made Bat Manufacturer and The Boeing Company

Pure Sports Technologies has invented a tamper-resistant softball bat made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber material sourced from a partnership with Boeing. The invention offers a zero-waste solution to the airline manufacturer's excess carbon fiber material.


Pure Sports Technologies, a Charleston-based bat manufacturer, has successfully invented a tamper-resistant bat using aerospace-grade carbon fiber material up-cycled from The Boeing Company. The company is on track to sell over $2,000,000 in bats in its first year with continued plans to invest in growth and employment here in the Lowcountry. The bats are manufactured entirely in the USA.

“Pure Sports Technologies has teamed up with Boeing to provide aerospace-grade carbon fiber to their bats. These are the first bats ever to be up-cycled from our 787-carbon fiber material,” said Glenn McEachron, The Boeing Company’s executive in charge of Investment Recovery. Chris Osborne, Pure Sports Technologies owner and carbon fiber guru, noted that, “it takes a lot of carbon fiber to make a plane. It doesn’t take quite as much to make a bat. Their scrap is enough for us to make a bat.”

Softball is a popular sport for its competitive offerings and versatility in every age group and gender. This eco-friendly, mega-hit technology directly benefits softball leagues nationwide. Osborne described how leagues wanted a bat that couldn’t be modified to cheat while players wanted customization, power, and durability. “We created a bat that checks every box. Ours is customizable with a solid end cap. We use a specially-designed piece of robotic equipment to control with absolute precision where the carbon fiber is placed. Because of this we can say our bats are truly one of the ‘hottest’ in the industry,” he said.

Pure Sports Technologies also owns the professional men’s softball team currently ranked number one in the country. Teammate and Center Field player, Filip Washington, likes the flex he feels when he swings the Pure Sports Integrity bat. “There are a lot of good bats on the market, but they don't feel good in your hands,” he said. “When you hit a ball and you know you stepped on it, you just can't tell with most other companies. The Pure Sports Technologies Integrity line feels like a trampoline. You can feel the bat compress in your hands and the ball jumping off the barrel. This is one of the first companies I have represented and played for that has a good product from the first swing to the last. Personally, I love the product because you can't alter it, but you still get the same exit speed. It keeps the game fair!”

Pure Sports Technologies is at the forefront of cutting-edge, American-made, sporting equipment manufacturing. The company has positioned itself as a conscious thought leader with The Boeing Company leaving behind a positive carbon footprint with its environmentally-sound partnership. To learn more about the company headquartered at 1629 Folly Rd, Charleston, S.C., 29412, visit the website at or call 866-678-PURE.

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