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Long Island Employment Lawyers Launch New Website

Long Island employment lawyers Matthew Weinick and Peter J. Famighetti, partners with Famighetti & Weinick, PLLC, unveiled the launch of the firm's new website. In addition to the information about the firm, the website provides information about employment law topics including discrimination, retaliation, and wage theft.


The Long Island employment lawyers of Famighetti & Weinick, PLLC announced today the launch of their newly redesigned law firm website. Available at, the website is at the center of the employment law firm's enhanced marketing plan.

Visitors to the website will immediately notice the site's polished look, but it will still look familiar as it retains the firm's orange and brown color schemes. At the forefront of the redesign is the firm's new slogan, “On the Right Side. Your Side.” Employment lawyer Peter J. Famighetti said the slogan represents the firm's commitment to “zealously advocating” for its clients who are often victims of discrimination, retaliation, or civil rights violations. Famighetti added, “our clients need to know from our very first contact with them that we are on their side and we will be dedicated to their employment case.”

In addition to the design, Long Island employment lawyer Matthew Weinick says that much of the website's content has been completely rewritten from previous versions of the law firm's website. Weinick noted, “we spent countless hours writing fresh original content about employment law issues including sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and unpaid wages and overtime.” Weinick further said that he hopes the new content will serve as a resource for employees who have questions or concerns about workplace rights. He noted, “many other firms outsource content writers but we wrote all the content in-house to ensure our website visitors have the best experience and access to most up to date information.”

To complement the written content, the firm collected data about discrimination charges filed in courts and administrative agencies and transformed the data into easy to read charts so that users can see trends about unlawful workplace practices. Further, the website includes a Spanish language section to ensure its content is available to a wider audience. The Spanish language section is available at URL

The firm says that the website includes other enhancements which users may not notice. For example, the website has been optimized for speed and to ensure compatibility with mobile devices.

The firm states that the website is an important centerpiece of its new marketing campaign which includes partnering with law firm marketing provider Justia. Famighetti commented that “the #MeToo movement shows that sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination continue in the workplace so it is critical that we make our employment law services available to those in need.”

About Famighetti & Weinick, PLLC: Famighetti & Weinick, PLLC are Long Island employment lawyers. Based in Melville, New York, the firm represents employees who are victims of discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and wage theft. For more information call (631) 352-0050 or visit the firm’s website at

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