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Founders of Program Formerly Known as The Dia Method Seek to Strengthen Accessibility for Mothers Through a Convenient App Solution


New York, NY (June 19, 2018) - Every Mother™ (formerly known as The Dia Method), the only research-backed, proven solution to preventing and resolving diastasis recti, announces the introduction of a mobile app designed to deliver on the program’s overall promise of fitting the needs of every woman at every stage of motherhood. The app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play for download. Backed by the singular expertise of Founder Leah Keller, the app is the culmination of the overall rebranding of the program to Every Mother™ (EM), the purpose of which emphasizes that no matter where she is in her path to motherhood and the specific needs of her body, the exercise program is inclusive to her. The mobile app enhances the overall EMbody by Every Mother™ program for women looking to address diastasis recti, maintain their exercise regimen, track their progress, and stay connected to their routine via various touchpoints that also include the online experience and a very active community of support via Facebook.

“We are thrilled to provide an extended, accessible fitness program for mothers to use anywhere,” said Every Mother™ CEO Allison Rapaport. “This app supports our philosophy that every mother deserves a safe and effective workout plan that is designed specifically for what her body needs. As mothers, our bodies are pushed to incredible limits, and as we aim to empower our community with knowledge of how to resolve certain physical challenges associated with becoming a mother and even go on to surpass their fitness goals, a mobile experience was the logical next step toward creating a stronger connection.”

Every Mother™ focuses on prevention and resolution of diastasis recti, a condition that affects more than 25 million American women annually. What began as a program focusing on resolving the common issue of “mummy tummy” and associated ailments such as incontinence and back pain, has grown into an exercise ritual that addresses the fitness needs of every mother, no matter where she is along the path. The EMbody methodology is highly personalized, providing women with effective, efficient and sustainable exercises for a strong core, free of diastasis recti. Users select a model that meets them where they are on their journey, from prenatal EMbody Prepare, to postnatal EMbody Reclaim, to a lifelong fitness lifestyle via EMbody Surpass. All programs have a proven track record of success, and the EMbody Reclaim stage has been recognized by the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists for resolving diastasis recti in under 12 weeks.

The fitness program is available at $14.95 per month for a 3-month subscription and $9.95 per month for an annual subscription. Upon joining the community on the website and purchasing a subscription, full access is also granted via the app.


About Every Mother

Every Mother is designed for women at all stages of motherhood, from those first months of pregnancy to decades after giving birth. Every Mother offers an evidence-based pre and postnatal EMbody exercise methodology (previously known as The Dia Method) proven to prevent and resolve diastasis recti and improve core strength and function while building total body fitness through safe, effective workouts. Every Mother provides a forum for mothers of all ages and stages – from pregnancy to immediately postpartum, to kids leaving for college, and everything between and beyond. The program embodies what Every Mother needs: education, a space to share, and the tools to care for and love her body no matter where she is on her journey.

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