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Science Fiction to Activism: Author Uses His Novel to Begin Social Movement

Emerging author Rais Tuluka presents a body of work that is emblematic of his philosophical and political views. It's colorful, embodying a mixed bag of light and dark thematic tones. No topic is taboo to his pen.


Science Fiction to Activism: Author Uses His Novel to Begin a Social Movement

Vallejo, California, 6/28/2018 - “We’re failing the youth.” Are the words belonging to author and activist Rais Tuluka. “The United States empire has had a good run, but we’re failing.” There are forces ripping this nation apart and an irony in the tears created. Currently, many are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep their version of the country together. The social fabric is tearing. It is in the desperate political fighting, on all sides, that separates the nation but it is also where Rais Tuluka seeks to build solutions. Separation is the defining characteristic of Donald Trump’s America. According to Rais, at the end of Donald Trump’s presidential run, the United States will be a husk of its former self.

Rais Tuluka found this passion relatively early on in life, however, it wasn’t an easy road to get there. After nearly dropping out of Jesse Bethel High School in Vallejo, the Bay Area author managed to graduate. He journeyed to Europe and learned how he wanted to channel his energy when he returned. Abroad, Rais found that he had a love for both writing and the direction of humankind. Now 23 years-old, he seeks to restructure community relations. Writing is the first vehicle he will utilize in order to accomplish his goal, but by the end of the summer, his non-profit organization “Community Light” will be alive to provide safe spaces for the youth to grow in community politics and learn the arts. Housed in the Bay Area, the organization will unify and teach future leaders interested in all disciplines.

Currently, an undergraduate student at UC Davis, Rais wrote his debut science fiction novel Sois Sage as a warning to the West. The warning is bold, a vocal tremor detailing what happens to a society that foolishly stops paying attention. As technology grows, the ability to be misinformed, apathetic, and distracted grows also. Trump’s America exacerbates the effects the novel pinpoints. In that exacerbation, Rais has observed that humanity paradoxically stopped paying attention to what matters most: humans.

“Mobilize your friends, brothers, and sisters in order to take back what’s yours. Look at community needs. Start a business that solves a problem. Once your friends, brothers, and sisters are moving in sync, build connections across generations to create lateral equity.” - Rais Tuluka

How are humans going to evolve next? In the spirit of true science fiction, Sois Sage asks this question to the readers while giving the answer. The novel follows Sage Solei, a young girl who feels alone during changing technological times. Her best and only friend is her little brother Gideon. On her brother’s 8th birthday things change forever for the siblings. Tragedy strikes and as a result, she and her brother’s lives are put in mortal danger. The whole world trembles as Sage and Gideon become embroiled in a century-old political struggle and a brewing social revolution. “Sois Sage” translates to “Be Wise” in English. The title and novel itself function as a call to action. As complex times approach humankind, it is imperative that humans be wise. Read Sois Sage today and remember Rais Tuluka’s name.

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