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PATECCO Managed Services Help Business Increase Its Efficiency

PATECCO managed services are based on the mix of proactivity and high service orientation.The result is more flexible and highly stabilized teams in the enterprise


In today’s complex business environment, IAM companies are challenged to not only maintain the current infrastructure, applications, and operations but to contribute with efficient strategies, as well. PATECCO’s Identity and Access Management deployment provides ongoing access to company data so that employees, partners or vendors could request access and get access to sensitive information 24/7.

The solid baseline for its managed services is based on the mix of proactivity and high service orientation. Its experts develop systems and procedures to constantly monitor performance, proactively diagnose issues, and resolve problems. The result is more flexible and highly stabilized teams in the enterprise.

PATECCO Managed Services help business increase its efficiency by bringing several benefits to it. A primary element of PATECCO effective service program is easy access to infrastructure, systems, and applications expertise. Key components of service agreements include: 24x7 support, systems management, life cycle and Upgrade planning and implementation. Operation Meetings, Monthly Report, Daily and Weekly Status Reports, Support Hotline and Monthly "Health-Check" of IAM System.

Managers and employees can enjoy the security knowing that there are experts consistently focused on safeguarding data and optimizing systems and processes for better performance and eliminating problems before they occur. Managed services provide greater scalability, as well. They makes it easy for companies to scale up or down depending on demand, such as a retailer increasing capacity around the holidays, or a start-up experiencing sudden growth. PATECCO Managed Services turn IT infrastructure into a competitive advantage for companies. The international company is known with its expertise and effective cost management that creates operational efficiencies, system and application updates and recommendations on emerging technologies.

PATECCO is an international company, dedicated to develop, implement and support of Identity & Access Governance solutions. Starting from an initial assessment until a managed service for ongoing support. The German company is well known with its innovative digital identity management solutions and the unique capabilities to translate business demands into IT solutions. By keeping a strong partnership with Microsoft and IBM, PATECCO is able to extend its products to businesses of all sizes on a global level.

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