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UK could save £15 billion every year by lifting construction productivity

UK building sector could save a lot of money by boosting productivity, communication and implementing construction software


Copenhagen, Denmark - April 27th, 2018 - Last December, the UK government announced its new productivity programme which is expected to deliver savings of £15bn every year. The programme is called Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP). Its main objective is to boost construction productivity and revolutionise the UK building sector in terms of infrastructure investment.

By now, it becomes evident that digital technologies are already showing the way for a more efficient and collaborative building sector. That being said, digital adoption is a key factor for the future of the industry.

The journey for a more efficient and data-driven construction industry has just begun and despite the challenges that might appear along the way we enter an era of remarkable opportunities in construction technology.

GenieBelt can be a driver of change for UK construction and can contribute to increasing transparency and accountability in the building sector. Our software is founded on three strategic pillars that allow you take full control of your construction project. Empower collaboration between agents, detect where the problems are stemming from and use reliable data as the basis for your project decisions.
‘There is a real passion from the founders of GenieBelt to deliver improved margins through strong collaboration in the industry and by continuing the approach taken today in employing industry experienced personnel to take the next steps forward’, concludes Jason Ruddle UK Managing Director at GenieBelt.

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