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Excellence for Insurance Agencies

Mission: EXCELLENCE - Creating an Internal E&O Loss Control Program. Mary LaPorte has released a new book to help insurance agencies address Errors and Omissions exposures in their offices.


Mary LaPorte has been working with insurance agencies for many years. She knows their
successes, their failures, their joy and their pain. And one of their biggest “pains” is their vulnerability
to Errors and Omissions (E&O) claims or litigation.

That prompted LaPorte to develop a user-friendly guide which focuses on this real threat. By taking a
somewhat complex and overwhelming subject, she has created simple a simple step-by-step process
to address each area of exposure in an insurance agency.

“Finally, someone has created a practical guide that agencies, especially small agencies, can use to
introduce sound E&O principles and practices in their shops” says Bill Wilson, CEO and founder of

This easy-to-follow manual breaks down the major areas of E&O concern in the agency environment,
outlining simple steps to follow in cultivating employee awareness. Quick Check-ups throughout the
material aid in identifying areas which should be addressed for each major workflow. Packed full of
E&O loss control suggestions, this insightful book will become an invaluable resource for any
insurance agency.

“Travelling around the country visiting agencies, I became aware of the strong need for E&O loss
control,” explained LaPorte. “Although there is plenty of material available in the marketplace, I found
that many agents were overwhelmed by a multitude of loss control recommendations. They just
couldn’t seem to get their arms around it, or even know where to start. This book is an uncomplicated
do-it-yourself manual that can help any agency get on track for E&O loss control.”

The book encompasses virtually every workflow in a typical independent agency and includes some
guidelines for management-related operations as well. Some E&O management forms are included
and can be downloaded through LaPorte’s website. “She has taken what many consider to be a
complex topic and broken it down into a number of sections for easy understanding and digestion”
Curtis M. Pearsall, president of Pearsall Associates, Inc. stated. “Today it is more important than ever
for agencies to have strong E&O culture and commitment. In this guide, Mary provides a clear
roadmap on the key issues to consider.”

LaPorte’s services include agency operations consulting, E&O loss control consulting, agent
education and expert witness services related to an insurance agent’s standard of care.
Mission: EXCELLENCE – Creating an Internal E&O Loss Control Program is available through the
company’s website:


Editors notes:

About LaPorte Consulting, LLC
LaPorte Consulting is dedicated to helping insurance professionals. Providing consulting services for
independent insurance agencies in the areas of Errors and Omissions loss control, agency operations and
planning. Mary LaPorte has over 40 years of insurance experience and holds industry professional designations
of AINS, CPCU, CIC, LIC, and CPIA. LaPorte is on the national faculty for CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor),
CPIA (Certified Professional Insurance Agent) and speaks frequently at industry conventions and education
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