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Tri State Travels to California

Tri State’s Managing Partner and top performing Account Manager attended an exclusive, annual networking event in Newport Beach, CA.


RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – The team was able to enjoy an all expenses paid boat cruise followed by a conference in which they could network with the company’s most elite members. Tri State’s Managing Partner discussed the qualifications to be selected to attend and a top Account Manager outlined his experience and impressions since returning.

“Tri State offers several opportunities throughout the year to travel and network based on outstanding performance,” said Tri State’s Managing Partner, Paul. “Alec became my right hand shortly after he relocated across the country to join our team, and it was a no brainer for me that I wanted him to attend.”

Paul added that the Newport Beach, CA Boat Cruise is the most exclusive travel opportunity since team members are hand selected based on their tenure with the company, their consistent performance, and their commitment to growth within the firm. Qualifying attendees are able to have intimate conversations with the company’s Executive Staff to supplement their knowledge of best practices.

Alec discussed the highlights and benefits of going on the trip as well as new goals since his return.

“It was eye opening to congregate with other Account Managers from various markets across the country,” Alec said. “I really appreciated hearing their stories since we are essentially on the same journey and extremely committed to this opportunity.”

Alec characterized the trip with a ‘work hard play hard’ sentiment, since the boat cruise gave everyone the chance to kick back and enjoy sightseeing in addition to participating in high level discussions.

“The boat cruise was great because I was able to build relationships with colleagues outside of a work environment,” Alec said. “We always talk about personal habits translating into professional habits, and building these relationships outside of work definitely contribute to our overall success as a team.”

“The most beneficial aspect of the weekend was hearing diverse perspectives about approaches to certain situations,” Alec said. “I have been given a plethora of information from both Paul B. and Paul M.; but hearing about versatile management styles will definitely help me implement new strategies.”

Alec asserted that his goal moving forward is to be promoted to the Assistant Manager role by early September 2018. He also provided some insight and advice to a newer team members who may be selected to attend a trip like this in the future.

“It may be a little intimidating at first to be surrounded by so many powerful and successful individuals,” Alec said. “Just remember that there is nothing you would ask them for advice about that they haven’t already experienced first hand, and their ultimate goal is to help you reach your potential.”

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