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Nation’s First Hospitality and Server Training Center is Open for Business and Conducting Top Notch Training Classes

"Served Academy opens to bridge the gap between restaurants’ needs, individuals looking to become employed in hospitality, and the community."


Washington DC -- It is well-known that hospitality is one of D.C.’s strongest sectors, supporting more than 80,000 jobs in the District as of May 2017 – up nearly 6% from 2016 (DOES). The demand for professionally trained and knowledgeable service employees is inherent and immediate. On August 1st of 2018, in DC’s historic Dupont, Served Academy Launched the nation’s first professional server training center. Served academy is a licensed vocational school with D.C.’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC). It is designed to bridge the gap between restaurant establishments, individuals looking for long term lucrative employment opportunities, and the community.

Served Academy’s curriculum has been uniquely designed by a hand-selected staff that has a passion for the service and a desire to train the hopeful masses in this sustainable and steady career choice. With over 50+ years of experience in hospitality and an additional 50+ years in post-secondary education and industry training. We are positioned to be a leader in hospitality training and an extremely valuable asset to the restaurants that make up the fabric of DC’s communities.

Served Academy pledges that prospective students can have access to financial freedom and independence that may have seemed previously inaccessible and expect to gain lifelong lucrative career opportunities, several industry-recognized certifications, invaluable life skills, flexible work schedules, and great working relationships. Furthermore, with day and evening classes to accommodate students with life obligations, Served Academy is sure to be a perfect fit for those that require flexibility.

At its core, Served Academy’s mission is to tackle the underemployment and unemployment issues by empowering individuals to grow more independent and manage their own personal development — from the young adult not certain if college is the right path, the student working her way through college, the post-graduate entering adulthood and paying off school loans, or the single parent transitioning from dependency to a more self-sustained livelihood, Served academy intends on supporting the workforce development of these individuals .
Served Academy's, CEO, Jamie Ryder says," I believe with the current unemployment conditions, predicted trends and demands over the next decade, and the state of restaurant service here in the District, we are perfectly aligned to be one of the most successful vocational schools in the city.” Because of equitable admission and instructional practices, our students will acquire the entry-level technical skills, certifications, and professional work ethic needed. Whether students are seeking employment in restaurants, bars, and pubs, nightclubs, country clubs, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, quick service, hospital food service, college campus food service, private staffing agencies, or in customer service, our students will be highly marketable upon graduation.

"We feel Served Academy will offer opportunities that may have never been present to certain individuals. With 90% of restaurant managers ultimately coming up through the ranks of hourly restaurant positions, our next generation of general managers and restaurant owners may very well be today’s students," says Ryder.

The Academy is currently accepting applications for its August 13, 2018 classes. The application process is user friendly and quick. For more information, please visit or contact a member of the staff 202-506-4814.

Contact Info
Aaron J. Pope
1615 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Phone: 202-506-4814