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ATL Pain Institute Launches Core Therapy and Fitness System

The AllCore360° System harnesses gravity to produce 360° of dynamic core development


ATLANTA, Ga. (Aug. 22, 2018) – AllCore360° is excited to partner with Dr. Matt DiDuro to launch AllCore360° at ATL Pain Institute. The AllCore360° System dynamically develops the user’s core by leveraging their own body weight and requires no isotonic movement. This allows most anyone to strengthen and stabilize their core, which can lead to better performance in all walks of life.

“None of our diabetic and peripheral neuropathy patients are able to run, but they are able to sit,” said Dr. DiDuro. “That’s what makes the AllCore360° such a great addition to our protocol. Our average patient is 65 years old and they have numbness in their feet. Since 60% of a person’s balance comes from their feet, this dramatically affects their balance. We have multiple patients that are building their core strength, stability and balance with the AllCore360°, which gives them the confidence to no longer have to rely on a cane or walker as a crutch.”

Located in Atlanta at 4535 Winters Chapel Rd, Suite B, ATL Pain Institute is dedicated to improving individuals’ health and fitness in an effort to reduce the risk of pain, illness, and injury, as well as rehabbing spinal injuries.

AllCore360° is able to accomplish these improvements in as few as three 10-minute sessions per week, without ever changing out of street clothes. The cutting-edge technology delivers scientifically proven isometric contractions that strengthen the more than 50 muscles from the neck to the pelvis that support the human body.

ATL Pain Institute is uniquely positioned to help its clients. To schedule an appointment please call 770-285-7246. For more information about the AllCore360° System, please visit

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