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NFON chooses LizardFS

Today NFON revealed the solution they used for their multi data center distributed storage.


Having several high performance computing data centers, serving 15,000 companies across 13 countries brings the demand for data to be accessible in near real time in each and every location.

NFON chose LizardFS as it provided Geo-Replication across all data centers, allowing for even a whole data center to go down and all data would still be accessible without affecting business.

“After testing a few candidates we were convinced by the speed and especially the uraft component for high availability” says Markus Stumpf, Vice President Operations and Infrastructure at NFON.

Markus Stumpf shared further reasons why they chose LizardFS “We were impressed by the stability and fault tolerance LizardFS provided in our tests. The cluster setup was quite easily integrated in our configuration management, too. Another cluster, for a different purpose, was set up within minutes.”

Szymon Haly, CEO of LizardFS mentioned the core goal of the company:“We at LizardFS Inc aim to deliver the best SDS. We know even when we reach our current objective, we will not stop. The world of data never stands still.”
In a cloud environment where heavy workloads are distributed over many nodes and data centers LizardFS provides the ability for all the data to be available in real time, reliably, fault tolerant and shows as a local file system. Complexity is one of the factors that needs to be kept at minimum.

“Another feature we were looking for was quick and easy integration in our existing tool sets, so we preferred a filesystem over other technologies like document stores.” confirmed Markus Stumpf.

With yet another Telecom company onboard LizardFS is on the way to become a standard for the industry. It also shows that the open source data storage trend is continuing to grow.

Check out the latest version of LizardFS and judge for yourself. LizardFS is available on the official Debian and Ubuntu repositories and offers a native Windows client.

Contact us:
LizardFS Inc
1691 Kettering Street
Irvine, CA
Tel: (+1) 646 655 0 693

Contact Info
LizardFS Inc.
1691 Kettering St., Irvine, CA

Phone: (+1) 646 655 0 693