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Zerria Advertising Launches New Pay Per Visit Advertising Service

Zerria Advertising is a new Advertising Company which delivers Pay Per Visit Advertising solutions online. Affiliates can earn 75% Commission placing advertisements on their website. Payments are every week with no minimum payout.


Zerria Advertising launches a new service. Zerria has released a new service which will give Advertiser's the ability to add their advertisement easily, and advertise across the Internet. They have the ability to add a diverse amount of advertisement's, from Image Ad's, to Text Ad's, and more. Zerria was created by John D. Hoover Jr, the CEO of Zerria Advertising, when he discovered a need for advertisement diversity, and lower advertising prices in the Pay Per Visit Advertising market. Zerria serves the high school to senior citizen audiences, and all public markets. Advertiser's can signup for free, and using the administration system, submit their advertisement. The minimum deposit for Advertiser's is one dollar. Advertiser's can also use the advertisement topic selector to target their market. Zerria supplies numerous graph's for Advertiser's to check their statistics. Zerria pays it's affiliates 75% commission of the click price, for each visitor referred. Advertiser's can signup, and post ad's of Advertiser's, by inserting a special link in their website. Payment's are sent each week via Paypal and by check. There is no minimum balance to be paid. Zerria has worked hard on getting this together, and will be the dominant provider of Advertising into the next millennium. To signup, go to: For Media & Press, E-Mail:

John D. Hoover Jr commented: "Zerria has great skill in Advertising, and has been in the Marketing sector for over 15 years."

Zerria's root's are in Internet Marketing, when John D. Hoover Jr worked with his friend, on his startup company while in college, writing Internet Marketing newsletters.

John D. Hoover Jr commented "After creating several revenue models, I wanted to create one which paid continuously, and with minimal intervention. After three weeks, Zerria was created. If you would like to add advertising to your website, go to Zerria and signup for Free."

John D. Hoover Jr enjoys camping and the outdoors with family and friends. John D. Hoover Jr went to Pennsylvania State University,
and is working on completing a Bachelor's Degree, Majoring in Management Information Systems. He is residing in Swoyersville, PA
currently. You can contact John D. Hoover Jr at E-Mail:

About Zerria Advertising: Zerria will be leading the way for Internet Advertising, and plan's to be the dominant provider into the next millennium. Clients can write to Zerria at: Zerria Advertising Company PO Box 152 Luzerne, PA 18709. For Media & Press inquiries, clients may write to: Zerria Advertising Media & Press PO Box 152 Luzerne, PA 18709, and request a Media Kit. If a client has
idea's, or wants to make a suggestion, E-Mail: Zerria has the best, and most advanced advertising products, and the widest selection.

Contact Info
John D. Hoover Jr
122 Main Street PO Box 152
Luzerne, PA
18709 USA

Phone: 5707066073