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NYC FinTech startup Apteo unveils Milton, an artificial intelligence stock analysis tool employing a 100% data-driven approach

Investors are granted access to predictive stock analytics tool that has outperformed the S&P 500 for 1 year.


New York – (September 4, 2018) – Apteo, a Silicon Alley-based company comprised of data scientists, engineers, and former Wall Street professionals, rolled out a soft launch today of their AI-powered stock analysis tool, Milton, to waitlisted investors and the public. Milton, which applies the latest techniques in AI, teaches machines to analyze stocks using deep learning and natural language processing. It produces informed stock forecasts akin to those of professional stock analysts, but with greater efficiency and without human bias.

Milton learns to analyze qualitative, quantitative, and alternative datasets to forecast and analyze the future performance of a broad universe of US equities. For instance, the tool is able to read documents such as company filings, news articles, transcripts, and analyst opinions, while also accounting for empirical statistics such as company fundamentals, macroeconomic data, ownership data, and stock market trends. Additionally, Milton can process alternative datasets not traditionally studied by financial analysts, such as information derived by social media. The tool can track and detect patterns within this data to generate insights on sectors and individual stocks, and aims to provide these insights to users in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format.

“What distinguishes Milton’s approach from that of professional stock analysts is that Milton removes the impact of partiality and predilections that are innate to human decision-making” said Shanif Dhanani, co-founder and CEO of Apteo. “This enables Milton to offer an objective, 100% data-driven methodology that optimizes unique combinations of a vast number of data points that are predictive of future performance on a per-stock basis.”

So far, a gauge of Milton’s performance, the “Milton Top 25,” has outperformed the S&P 500 by 16% over the past 11 months, signaling promise for the potential of AI-backed technology to help investors make better decisions. With the soft launch, every professional and non-professional investor will have access to 100% AI-driven stock insights to better inform their investment decisions. “I’m often inspired to invest in many of the sectors that I know larger enterprises are closely examining, but don’t have the same resources to vet the stocks in which I intend to put my money,” said Cliff Kim, who registered for Milton’s waitlist back in April. “Exposure to Milton’s predictions will provide me with more confidence in selecting where to invest.”

Apteo is planning a larger launch in the fourth quarter of 2018, and will be working to educate investors on how they can use Milton’s advanced analytics to improve the performance of their investments. Until then, interested users are invited to visit and explore the free tool at

About Apteo

Apteo is a FinTech start-up based in New York City that builds AI tools to help informed investors make better decisions. Their goal is to bring the power of AI to every investor. The company is made up primarily of technologists with backgrounds in data science, machine learning, and software engineering. Their flagship product, Milton, was created to help investors save time and gain confidence when making informed investment decisions. For more information, please reach out to Apteo at, join their mailing list at, or subscribe to Milton’s blog at


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