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Quillionz, the Much-Awaited AI-Powered Question-Creation Platform is Unveiled

World's First AI-Powered Platform for Question creation from Content.


Redmond, WA, September 10, 2018

Harbinger AI, Inc. announced the release of Quillionz, world’s first intelligent tool for automatically generating questions from textual content. This unique AI-driven platform promises to transform the way teaching and learning professionals create tests and assessments. Quillionz leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make the process of question creation simple and efficient.

Poonam Jaypuriya, Vice President – eLearning, Harbinger Group, said, “There is no denying that questions are central to a quality learning experience. That’s why, with Quillionz, we want to make question creation easy and efficient. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, the Quillionz AI engine offers intelligent question ideas on your content within seconds, making the task of building quizzes and assessments simple and swift.”

On what promises to be a game changer for training and education, Mr. Joe Ganci, an eLearning industry veteran, commented, “How many questions have I written for quizzes, tests, and exams as part of the eLearning courses I've created? Tens of thousands! It's a lot of work to review my content and glean from it the best questions and both right and wrong answers, questions that can be categorized as easy, medium, or hard, questions that can act as practice, as diagnostic, or as a final exam. However, now there's Quillionz which promises to make the process much simpler!”

“Like Mr. Ganci, most learning and teaching experts will tell you that creating questions is often tedious and unwieldy,” Poonam explained. “By taking care of the mundane and the tedious, Quillionz frees you up to take on creative challenges truly worthy of your efforts—higher-order learning experiences and complex instructional activities that drive learner engagement.”

The Quillionz platform is completely free to use. Users can create their free Quillionz account by signing up on the Quillionz website.

Those who might prefer a human touch over artificial intelligence might find the Quillionz curation service more to their liking. In the service offering, the Quillionz team of instructional design experts reviews and enhances the questions created by the AI engine, and delivers an array of curated, handpicked questions. More information about Quillionz curation service is available on the Quillionz website.

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Harbinger AI is part of Harbinger Group, a global leader in eLearning and software product engineering. Harbinger continually strives to challenge the status quo in eLearning with innovative groundbreaking products such as Raptivity®, Exaltive® interactive video, and Quillionz. It has always been an important part of Harbinger’s mission to support and enable learning and teaching professionals to create more engaging and enriching learning experiences.

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